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Paypal gateway and (lack of) support

Over a month ago I set up Paypal advanced Gateway for credit card processing on my new directory. I got no help from Paypal, just a confusing website. It had this stupid Bill Me Later thing on it when someone … Continue reading

Can’t delete expired MasterCard from my account

Paypal alerted me to update my account because my master card was going to expire. It did expire because my bank changed providers. I put in my new master card information and it showed up in my paypal account. However, … Continue reading

Everything about Paypal is horrible.

Trying to contact via phone or email is impossible. Every turn ends right back at the same starting point. What an absolute joke. I forgot my password, easy right. Just check the box and you can reset it. NOT!!!!!! In … Continue reading

General Moronic treatment of prospect sign-ups

All I wanted was to make a simple enquiry before joining paypal. I am a software engineer of 20 years experience so I am used to asking questions in a precise manner. I asked whether I could impose limits on … Continue reading

Why doesn’t paypal care about their users?

I am having ongoing technical issues with my account which seems to stem from a glitch in the PayPal system. When I sign in to my account, it says that my account is ‘limited’. I have gone through the limitation … Continue reading