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The risk of using PayPal

Just to confirm what we already know, PayPal does suck. I’m shocked to find out by googling ‘PayPal problems’ how many hits I get. Been selling on Ebay for months now, and in 80% of the cases all is well. … Continue reading

PayPal protection…what Protection??

I recently filed a complaint with paypal, you know your suppose to be protected by them. I received a non working device, wasted well over a day with cable company for nothing. I was waiting for a return shipping slip … Continue reading

Per PayPal accounts get hacked all the time!

PayPal truly lacks good security for your personnel information. My PayPal was hacked, the people who hacked my account were able to change my name, language to Chinese and we’re able to transfer 1k out of my personnel checking account. … Continue reading

Ebay & PayPal accounts continually hacked

I have had a Pay Pal account for 12 years now, & after 2 months of having my Ebay & Pay Pal accounts continually hacked, the thieves upped their game. I was happy for Pay Pal to restrict my account … Continue reading

I believe Paypal lost my info or they are scamming me

Hi All, The following happened to me, my letter to them! They just popped me out on some audit and shoved me aside after being a customer since they started. Ever since Ebay bought them out, they have been difficult … Continue reading