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Why does PayPal take so long to give my money back?

Purchased an item as a normal operation,and proceed with payment using my paypal account liked to my checking account in Bank of America. They drown the money from Bank of america, and proceed with payment. Next day, I receive an … Continue reading

Paypal lost my $6000

I initiated a bank account transfer from my PayPal account to my bank account approximately one month ago. The first payments went through after several business days. At the end of each business day, I would transfer the balance to … Continue reading

Printing a Shipping Label

I was trying to ship a magazine to a guy in Germany. I filled out the forms to print a label, but you also have to pay at the same time. The label would not print. When I clicked on … Continue reading

Banned from anything Paypal

The merchant showed me a receipt that proved the refund was processed. It didn’t show in my acct. Suddenly, I couldn’t login to access my acct. or the paypal site. I can’t even access the paypal site from a Google … Continue reading

Got a pending transaction but never bought anything

I tried to buy books using Paypal. It did not work because there was a problem and I was told to try again. But before I could try again I got a message from Paypal that there was a pending … Continue reading