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Need advice with court case against Buyer, Ebay, and PayPal.

I sold an item on Ebay for $175 with $25 shipping for a total of $200. Ebay/PayPal provides the option to pay for shipping and ship via Ebay/PayPal. I paid for the shipping and Ebay/PayPal generated a shipping address label, … Continue reading

I wish I could file a dispute against paypal

I purchased something via paypal. I was charged in both my paypal account and my paypal credit account (double charged). I called to find out what was going one (not the first time this error happened). The representative wouldn’t even … Continue reading

I am held responsible for hacked PayPal account

I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur who has been having hard time after hard time for years. My first paypal run in happened when I was 19. Somebody hacked my paypal, email and ebay account and $4300 was passed through … Continue reading

Fraud rip-off Chinese company scam

On Sept. 25th I ordered a total of $486.52 worth of merchandise; clothing, handbags and jewelry from an on-line company that goes by several different names. To date, I have received approx. 1/4 of the entire order (170.00 worth) of … Continue reading

Was tricked to ship international and got screwed.

I sold a item on ebay using best offer. I had the auction listed as no international bidders ( I had never shipped international). The “buyer” had multiple locations one being United States, the other Macau. I only accepted because … Continue reading