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Why I removed PayPal from my website and so should you

I also got scammed by paypal. A customer purchased an item … I shipped it. They made a bogus complaint against me demanding a new one. I said no but would be happy to fix the issue though it was … Continue reading

Bill Me Later Screw me Now

I really want others to avoid the huge problem I just went through with Pay Pal. Without realizing it, I inadvertently opened a Bill Me Later account. When you apply for an account, one of the first options is to … Continue reading

Paypal and chargebacks

I own a custom made bridal business. All of my dresses are handmade and made to order. I suffered through a few charge backs last year. One, a bride found a dress at the goodwill, told me so, then filed … Continue reading

PayPal’s My Cash is my horror story

I bought a “my cash” paypal card that says qoute unqoute “Three Easy Steps to load Your PayPal Account: 1. Go to 2. Log into your account, or create a new account 3. Enter the 10-digit My Cash PIN … Continue reading

Complaint against thieves at Paypal

Paypal is, in my opinion, nothing but a bunch of thieving crooks! And Ebay isn’t any better!!! I recently sold some items thru an Ebay auction. The customer, being local, came and picked them up in person. After inspecting the … Continue reading