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eBay and PayPal are going downhill fast

I started selling on e-bay in 2005 -2014 with 699 feed backs had two negative feedbacks and went to 95.5 % and was 99.9 %. Then a month later I was suspended from all selling because of low seller performance … Continue reading

How easily Sellers are scammed using PayPal and eBay

I sold a phone to an Eastern European buyer on eBay. He claimed he never got the phone. Paypal refunded him the cost of the phone ($321). I then locked the phone using iCloud. He has sent me now 11 … Continue reading

I have had too many problems with PayPal

The first problem I had was years ago. I was starting to sell on Ebay and my supplier stopped selling. There was a counterfeit market out there. I got an offer for bulk and I paid for samples which were … Continue reading

Someone scammed me using eBay and PayPal

Hi all, I have a negative balance on PayPal of over £3000 after getting scammed by a seller. Basically I applied for an eBay job that requires me to sell items on behalf of this person that would then post … Continue reading

Returned item but never got refund.

I bought a product through eBay which turned out to be faulty. I contacted the seller who told me to return it and take a photo of the package and email it to them. I contacted PayPal told them what … Continue reading