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Appalling service by PayPal

After selling USD 190,000 on ebay in a one month period ( giving Paypal substantial commission ) I am getting appalling service. 15 days ago I sent in a request asking for a transactions report during that period. It should … Continue reading

Horrible Paypal experience, 113 fraudulent transactions

I recently had 113 unauthorized paypal transactions and my account was overdrawn for over $10000 due to paypal fraud. The only thing that goes through my paypal account on a monthly basis is Netflix payment. When I contacted paypal, they … Continue reading

Worst Customer Service in The World!

I have been having nothing but problems with Pay Pal for over a year!! It started last year when a Pay Pal Service Representative deleted my account without my permission!!! I had a Pay Pal Smart Connect account attached to … Continue reading

Need advice regarding a chargeback

A little while ago (July 2015) I had a customer from UK order a few items from my online store (isa based). I shipped her the order, and on the day she received the package she complained that one of … Continue reading

Sellers have no chance against scamming buyers with PayPal and eBay

I am running a small business selling 2nd hand electronics in working condition and not working condition for parts. I also sell replacement parts and mobile phone accessories. I have been scammed where customers have replaced expensive working parts of … Continue reading