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Horror story with Paypal

I would like to share with you my bad experience with Paypal. I have purchased a dress from India which I paid through Paypal believing that it was the safest way to do and that I was genuinely protected. The … Continue reading

Need help with my PayPal account

I love this site! Wish I’d found it months ago. I hate Paypal with a passion, and found myself on this site after Googling around trying to find a solution to my problem. I wondered if this is one you’ve … Continue reading

Ebay & paypal suck

I have been buying stuff on ebay for a very long time, ebay and paypal rip me off ALOT!……. not all the time but after thousands of buys some sellers just send you junk or stuff not as they advertise. … Continue reading

Could not cancel order with PayPal

I am French and live in Italy. I have bought some e-liquid from a USA internet store using my paypal account. Calling the seller by phone for more info about the delivery, I discovered that the product where made in … Continue reading

I got in to so much trouble using PayPal

On Friday, the 28 of Feb, a company overseas hired me to accept payments from clients into my paypal account then pay them. At first I thought it was a scam, but when the seller paid me almost immediately I … Continue reading