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Paypal does not care to stop fraud

I have rooms advertised for rent, a person contacted me and asked to take a room and pay 3 months rent. I said fine, they then asked to pay me through paypal. I did not belong so joined and sent … Continue reading

PayPal issued refund without Buyer filing dispute

So, the buyer received the goods. Afterwards, I found out he had filed a dispute. I provided paypal the story and copy of the email from the guy showing he received everything. Paypal gave him a refund without explanation. I … Continue reading

PayPal/eBay/flight2ams scam

I was just ripped off by paypa/ebay/ flight2ams in the amount of $845 plus return shipping fees. Please excuse my typing, english is my second language. Here is what happend, I sold two BMW headlights on ebay listed separately to … Continue reading

My Paypal account was hacked

I recently had my paypal account hacked in the amount of $2452.00 for the purchase of a watch through a hacked ebay account. I first learned of the transaction when I received the watch in the mail. I immediately checked … Continue reading

I was paid with a stolen PP account and ended up -$1500

My first time using paypal I was paid with what was apparently a stolen account. I was stupid not to create a record of me transferring the items I sold to the buyer, but I was new at this. Anyways … Continue reading