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Reporting PayPal scams and response

PayPal seems to intentionally make it almost impossible to contact them with a problem. I have ben getting scams about money transfers and fake purchases. I have tried to forward these to them at their site and constantly receive the … Continue reading

I am out of my money and my merchandise

I sold an item on Paypal for a rather large amount of money. I invoiced the buyer using her email address. The next morning, I got an email from paypal saying it was paid and gave me a transaction number … Continue reading

PayPal snatched the money right out of my account

Since you can’t give a scamming low life a negative and eBay does about absolutely nothing to them anyway here is ONE of my stories. I’d been on eBay 10 years when along came a scamming Russian. Bought a $2,800 … Continue reading

Paypal is working with fraudulent offshore collention agency

I sold a gold coin in a MS70 case for 1870.00. I withdrew the money out of the paypal acct. The buyer put in a claim that it came in damage interally and demanded a refund. Their was no damage … Continue reading

I got taken using Paypal and eBay

I “won” an item that appeared to be a 67.2 grams nugget, but after the seller had posted it he wrote me an email with the words, ‘you will be happy as long as you read the description’, so I … Continue reading