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Chargeback issues and money hold with PayPal

Explain this to me: My client paid me for a website development job for a total of $850.00 he did a charge back with his credit card company for the full amount so paypal took back $850 dollars back with … Continue reading

Buyer has item, PayPal has my money and I have nothing.

After years of selling on eBay and using PayPal, I had 2 picky/unhappy customers who just couldn’t be satisfied, no matter what I did, including giving partial refunds & letting them keep the products. This was all it took for … Continue reading

Can’t ship without shipping funds

PayPal was loving me (at first) because I was getting lots of sales and they [PayPal] was getting their precious “fees”. But then suddenly, one day I got an email saying that my account was limited; I couldn’t figure out … Continue reading

Paypal froze $40k

So, we used Paypal as part of our Indiegogo campaign which (to cut a long story short) was to raise funds to support community hackerspaces by manufacturing circuit boards that they need (very cheaply) and offering these as perks. We … Continue reading

Paypal holding my daughters money

My daughter was moving house in the UK. I sent her money from my Australian PayPal account to help out. Her PayPal account is in the name she has normally been using for some 10 years however it is not … Continue reading