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Was promised my account would be fine, then PayPal shut me down

After years of loyalty, PayPal limited my Premier account. I called and was reassured that everything would be fine if I would just send a few things in, but they kept requiring more documents. I complied as much as I … Continue reading

PayPal complaint, limited account

Paypal is the worst payment service ive ever used in my life. My paypal account got limited, i was told to create a new account because i created that account before i turened 18 years old. I created a new … Continue reading

Ebay and PayPal rules does not apply to everyone

I was selling autographed guitars on Ebay. The guitars had letters of authenticity from the promotion company that had setup the signings on behalf of the musicians. After 3 days online ebay cancelled my auctions claiming that the authentication certificates … Continue reading

Charged for item but not shipping

On Monday, March 17th, I bought a beautiful clock on ebay for $200.00 with free shipping. Ebay shows that I have purchased it, however, I have not received anything from the seller, so I checked the account and found that … Continue reading

PayPal blamed eBay for holding our money

For the past week and a half we have been fighting between Ebay and Paypal to get our funds unfrozen. Paypal kept saying that it was Ebay that was freezing our funds. Well tonight we did a three way call … Continue reading