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I have found over 1 million cases where paypal has frozen a customers account without notification

I have been providing an online consultant service (via skype) for about a year and a half now. I help clients looking to start up their own small business focus on key factors and help keep them organized throughout the … Continue reading

My limited PayPal account advice

Hi to all, i worked with paypal for over 10 year, my account all been limited without a chance to lift the limitation, a lotof money was stuck in the account, over 1000 usd, but this is the situation they … Continue reading

PayPal froze account for charity

Since 2008, we have been operating as a non-profit corporation helping disabled persons to acquire skills enabling them to support and take care of themselves. In September 2014, we accepted a new associate to help us maintain our eBay and … Continue reading

Paypal has restricted my account because they say I owe them money

Paypal has restricted my account because they say I owe them money. The story is that they allowed a fraudulent charge which I disputed. The charge affected my bank account causing me to go into overdraft. After disputing the charge, … Continue reading

It seems like I am being punished for making it to Top Seller level.

Three years selling on eBay. Finally make it to Bronze Power Seller level and Top Seller level. Over 500 sales, 289 positive feed backs, 3 negative feed backs (those were unfair). Paypal went and put limitations on my account. Only … Continue reading