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Paypal suspended my account because of Buyer complaint

About 6 months ago I sold a timepiece to a guy overseas.I informed him that since the item did not sell on ebay I would sell to him person to person. We settled on a price of $600 ($750 on … Continue reading

PayPal wants invoices/receipts from 2011

My account was limited because a customer filed a return request and I refunded the money and I relisted the same item and ebay removed the item and suspended my account for 7 days I relisted it again and they … Continue reading

PayPal suspension based on no information

I recently received out of the blue an e-mail informing me that both my PayPal account and my PayPal Mastercard had been locked. Upon calling PayPal customer support, support representative Mario explained that my account had been locked and he … Continue reading

Seller protection is nothing but a myth

Recently we were scammed by a buyer that used a USA eBay user account to do a Buy Now of a $5400.00 Natural Alexandrite. Within hours after we shipped the item by Fedex to the PayPal address in Malaysia as … Continue reading

PayPal appeal denied for being honest person!

I recently opened a PayPal account two months ago in order to sell the inventory I bought and accumulated from Macys throughout the years as I am an employee in that department store. Every holiday we get Presales and items … Continue reading