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It seems like I am being punished for making it to Top Seller level.

Three years selling on eBay. Finally make it to Bronze Power Seller level and Top Seller level. Over 500 sales, 289 positive feed backs, 3 negative feed backs (those were unfair). Paypal went and put limitations on my account. Only … Continue reading

Limited on my first purchase

I got a new pre-paid visa credit card just a day ago and made a paypal account with it. The second I tried to purchase a game through Origin using my paypal account, they limit it! So I complain to … Continue reading

Paypal admitted they may have limited me by mistake

My account was “limited” (essentially frozen) a few years ago and I could never find out the reason, despite a year of appeals. One chap one the phone admitted it could simply be a mistake but was powerless to fix … Continue reading

Fraudulent PayPal Transaction

I received $150 in error to my paypal acct. so I immediately sent it back to the the person who sent it to me. I have never used my paypal as a seller not once only to purchase. The scammer … Continue reading

People in the same house can not have multiple paypal accounts

My boyfriend and I live at the same house, we share stationary home computer, and we have house IP address. We have different last names. He have two sell phones (one he bought for me and put me on his … Continue reading