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Paypal sucks and they should be shut down!

The Paypal system is a scam! Someone posted funds for me through paypal- I had to set up an account just to facilitate this. Because its a new account, they held the funds for 21 days- when I went into … Continue reading

PayPal is bad for business

Some stupid person bought a game account from me and paid py paypal. About 20 days later she decides that she wants to keep both the money and the account with all the items in it. She files a claim … Continue reading

PayPal are IDIOTS

Hi guys, We just yesterday had our PayPal account closed. Only 24hrs after it was limited for suspicious account activity. On calling them they revealed that our account was linked to an account with similar personal details. We replied: yes, … Continue reading

I was hit by Superstorm Paypal and devastated my business

8 years previous track record, one day SHUTDOWN OUT OF NOWHERE. Was processing $40,000 – $60,000 a month through about 6-10 websites at any one time. They killed my biz and I couldn’t sell for 7 days while obtaining another … Continue reading

Paypal chargebacks

My partner had a Paypal business account for an electrical training business which operated as a limited company. He used my details to open the account as his credit rating was not perfect. Unfortunately, the company had to cease trading … Continue reading