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Conversion Warning! I Lost Eur 900

Here’s what happened to me recently: I usually successful withdrawing Euro money from Paypal to our Indonesian Rupiah bank account. Last time Paypal cancel it. Worst is they took away almost Eur 900,- from conversion. First they convert Euro to … Continue reading

A rip of by paypal of 757,75 eu

I have one of the best case to submit to the medias. A rip of by paypal of 757,75 eu I live in Indonesia and opened an account with paypal and let my money there for two years. I am … Continue reading

PayPal cheats on exchange rates – hidden fee!!

Every time I make an online purchase priced in USD (I’m Canadian) PayPal pads the exchange rate by 2.5% – EVERY TIME. This likely applies to all non-USA PayPal users. One user in Thailand reported that PayPal increased his purchase … Continue reading

PayPal isn’t a bank so they don’t control what conversion rates they use

Imagine my surprise when i logged on to my Online Banking and noticed that charges on my credit card coming from payments made using PayPal were higher than normal. In short, if I buy a product worth $50, PayPal would … Continue reading