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Buyer was out to scam me from the start and PayPal helped them

A buyer purchased my item through ebay – I posed the item the next day special delivery – beforehand I was sent an abrupt message from the buyer asking me to package the item appropriately. seeing this as unusual-I took … Continue reading

PayPal told seller to ship to wrong address

I open a dispute against an overseas seller because I was not given my tracking number from the seller. PayPal conducted their investigation and state that the seller had shipped my product through them so I felt comfortable that I … Continue reading

Screwed by paypal again…should have known better.

I have dealt with many paypal issues in the past, but this recent one tipped the boat. I sold an item to someone and they said it was the wrong item and filed a case. I responded with certainty that … Continue reading

There are too many flaws with eBay and Paypal

I can’t tell you how many times I have burned over the years with Ebay and when I wrote to the President Meg Whitman (when she was president), she did absolutely nothing. Now come Paypal started with the same mentality … Continue reading

Sold iPhone 5 using Paypal and got screwed

I sold my iPhone 5 on ebay and completed the transaction via Pay Pal. They buyer contacted me via Pay Pal after receiving the item to say it was scratched and he wanted a refund. I disputed this, as it … Continue reading