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Lying Buyer gets her way while Honest Seller gets screwed by both eBay and PayPal

We Sell Mostly Fine Jewelry on eBay. These are clearance items from our store. This carries a lot of risk and I trusted eBay I Did my best to be an honest seller and always be as descriptive as possible. … Continue reading

PayPal dispute opened, escalated and closed in 3 minutes

I sold a set of large wheels on ebay to a buyer with less than 100% feedback (first mistake). The shipping was $232 to the customer. Though I sell everything as “no returns” I chose to cut the buyer a … Continue reading

PayPal seller protection plan doesn’t protect

I have a few times that I either lost money with Paypal and their Seller Protection Plan did not protect me: 1. Buyer was a fraudster, paid by paypal, asked me to send by fastest service, then initiated a payment … Continue reading

Don’t ever use PayPal…stay away!

I found an item in eBay (yah it all started w/ that item in eBay), the price seemed cheaper, bought the item for 435.00, upon delivery found that the seller was fraud, and sold *used* item as *new*. Next, lodged … Continue reading

Sue paypal

Paypal stole my money for scam person in united states. On Nov 23 I sold 800$ item on ebay and seller asked if I can ship it with canada post and put his contact number on it. I agreed and … Continue reading