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I got 15 years with PayPal and they side with someone with 3 feedbacks.

I started using paypal in 1998 and stopped in 2013. In that time I paid several thousand dollars in fees to them and ebay. The shipping amount they figured out was always low so not only did the fees cost … Continue reading

Paypal said my debt was considered “exempt” but still wanted money from me.

I was commissioned by a dealer selling a motorcycle to list it on Ebay, which I did twice with my sale. However, after the close of the second listing, a buyer contacted me with regards to the motorcycle and long … Continue reading

Paypal never recorder that I paid my negative balance

Paypal just froze my account stating I owe them money from a previous account. I had that all settled 5 years ago! Now they’re after me saying it was never paid and that I’m trying to get through the system … Continue reading

PayPal Always Sides with Buyers

I sold an item and the buyer paid me through paypal. I shipped the items to him EMS which has signature and delivery confirmation. As soon as he received the items he opened a PayPal dispute. I contacted him and … Continue reading

Buyers abuse Paypal loopholes to scam Sellers

My HORROR STORY, i sold a set of 100 vintage diecast cars to a buyer using paypal. When the buyer received the cars he immediately complained and filed a claim. using ALL the complaints. these complaints were false. they were … Continue reading