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PayPal account hacked and charges made

Someone hacked my paypal account which I haven’t used for a year. They charged my Amex card $327 and try to charge my checking account $327.90. I wouldn’t have know about if didn’t get an email notification from paypal. In … Continue reading

Scamming buyer got Macbook for free

my wife sold a new mac book air to a person in Australia for $1365. including free shipping. The one she sold it too gave her an address in Indonesia to send the macbook air too. He sent four emails … Continue reading

Sent to collections by paypal because buyer scammed me.

Here is my horror story, please tell me if you have any idea whom I can turn to: We sold: DELL OPTIPLEX 790 i5-2400 3.10GHz, 8GB Memory, 2x 500GB Enterprise Hard Drives End/Sold time: Oct-11-13 19:25:14 PDT, Amount: 489.00 Our … Continue reading

PayPal attacked my bank account.

The list is just too long with problems selling with eBay being 10 years long hitting top rated, power selling with nothing but headaches. But the last was blow out on a high dollar return dispute that they gang banged … Continue reading

I got 15 years with PayPal and they side with someone with 3 feedbacks.

I started using paypal in 1998 and stopped in 2013. In that time I paid several thousand dollars in fees to them and ebay. The shipping amount they figured out was always low so not only did the fees cost … Continue reading