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Problems with both eBay and PayPal

I have been dropped to below standard seller by ebays little bots that are trying to follow human behavior and that is impossible. I called to get the cases removed because was paypal that shut down my card and could … Continue reading

Tired of being a cash cow for eBay and PayPal

Why after being forced to use PayPal by eBay(UK) because all other alternatives have been withdrawn do I have to pay the same company twice, this is of course a rhetorical question and the answer is very simple, corporate greed. … Continue reading

I am having ebay and paypal problems

Well about three years ago I had just got onto my monthly social security income checks for disability due to being directly hit by lightning and surviving. I was selling on eBay a Wurlitzer turn of the century player piano … Continue reading

Paypal complaint over Ebay fees

I put a 2003 Ford Expedition on Ebay. After someone placed a winning bid, they refused to even acknowledge the auction and never paid for it. I contacted Ebay to tell them the buyer never paid and filed a non-paying … Continue reading

Double fee using PayPal prepaid card

Lets do the math. If you buy a prepaid card for $20 at a store, they charge you $4.95 extra(cost of plastic they claim), and then when you activate the card they charge you $4.95 automatically and $4.95 per month, … Continue reading