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$800 eBay gift card balance disappeared

I bought 800 ebay gift card and trying to buy a computer on ebay. And I put the shipping address wrong and had to cancel the order. Then these 800 just gone!!! Paypal said they had refunded them back to … Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with ebay/paypal

I have been on ebay since 1996 and I DON’T and WON’T deal with paypal. Here is some helpful information if you are having a problem with either payup or ebat: Paypal; open a merchant account. It’s cheaper than paypal. … Continue reading

Trying to sell my iPhone 6 Plus on ebay turned ugly

I moved to Spain from NYC and purchased the Iphone 6 Plus, but realized that wifi is such a joke in Barcelona that it wasnt gonna be worth it. I put the iPhone 6 plus on Ebay and was immediately … Continue reading

Paypal Fraud with Bill-Me-Later now called Paypal credit

A Paypal and Bill-Me-Later/Paypal Credit fraud that I have experienced is/are buyer unauthorized transfers from Paypal (paid from bank account) to Bill-Me-Later (now Paypal credit) without the buyer’s (eBay auction winner’s) consent/knowledge. These credit authorizations then incur substantial interest and … Continue reading

PayPal seems to be charging more then they say

I have a 100% positive feedback, always ship on time, however PayPal that is owned by the same folks who own eBay, is sitting on my money for weeks. I don’t see a valid reason for them doing this. The … Continue reading