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Ebay just told me that it doesn’t care if their legal agents lie to their customers

In short arriving home Friday 12/13/13 I found a box on my door step. It turned out to be a returned item I had sold on Ebay the previous month. I logged on to ebay and found to my surprise … Continue reading

I want my revenge with eBay

Wow, Frozen funds for completed ( FeedBack (FB) left) Transactions, Issuing refunds through Ebay without a Buyer claim, …..Ebay is the one that really has got my goat, I am ready to file a RICO civil claim against them,, I … Continue reading

Got Perfect Ebay history but now cannot use Ebay because I am suspended by Paypal!

I sold an item on Ebay. The purchaser was in Japan. I waited for the funds to arrive before I mailed the item (certified mail). The funds were received. Paypal first said the payment was suspicious, and help up the … Continue reading

Bitcoin sold on eBay…need I say more?

I sold $340 worth of bitcoin to a scam artist, he paypal’d me the money and I then sent him his bitcoins, electronically of course. 3 hours later he claimed the purchase was “unauthorized”. Paypal then retrieved the money from … Continue reading

eBay said I was selling fraudulent items and suspended my account

Been a member of eBay for more than a decade. Recently i started listing expensive items, mostly GPS and after the listings ended, my account was suspended. I received an email from eBay stating that i am selling fraudulent items … Continue reading