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The run-around-rip-off

I made a purchase on Ebay and went thru PayPal. I never received the item. I contacted the seller and she replied, she closed her account some time ago. So, I called Ebay, Ebay says contact Paypal. I contacted paypal … Continue reading

E-bays feedback is a joke

I think that e-bays feedback is a joke I have 698 positive feedbacks and one asshole customer states that the item he recieved had a hole in the box, dirty missing parts this item was a vintage 1960′s chevy model … Continue reading

Contact address for notice of legal action against Ebay

I can give you the long version later if necessary, but right now I wish to take Ebay to court. Basically, they let a seller sell an item that I had paid for. I phoned Paypal, who spoke to Ebay … Continue reading

Bought item on ebay no problem but was told it was a fake when I tried to resell it

I have been suspended for 1 yr. why? because on approx 4 different occasion after purchase somethings off of ebay, later after used trying to resale them was told they were unauthentic, If they allow me to purchase them off … Continue reading

Our eBay store was shut down without any notice

We had an ebay store with feedback of over 2500 and a 99.9% feedback score. Ebay kept violating our store due to what we sold. We sold public domain movies. All in the public domain. They kept violating us on … Continue reading