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Paypal account AND Paypal credit charged for same purchase.

I made a purchase ($377.11) about a month ago and my paypal account was charged. The next day my paypal mastercard was charged for the same amount. When talking to paypal, they refer you to their mastercard section and then … Continue reading

PayPal credit account issue

I am having issues with the PayPal credit account. I have made several attempts to pay my bill only to be asked to connect my bank account information. When the credit portion of PayPal was Bill Me Later, all they … Continue reading

PayPal is blocking me from using my debit card

Buying stuff on ebay used to be OK. having credit card transactions “processed” by paypal and declining their offer of an account was a nuisance but then last year I foolishly acceded and opened a paypal account. Today for the … Continue reading


I have a paypal business account in good standing. I had a customer who rarely uses a credit card and does not shop online. After I sent her my invoice to pay for our vacation rental, her credit card would … Continue reading

Preferred Payment Method the way PayPal prefers it

I have bought and sold on ebay for many years. Recently, in order to sell on ebay, I was coerced to set up a linked bank account. As I understood, if I made a purchase, paypal would take any funds … Continue reading