Can’t close my PayPal account

From a very recent experience, I believe that PayPal has been infiltrated by criminals who have the ability to send emails that look and read like they are from PayPal and in addition, they have the ability to listen in on phone calls to PayPal. The fraudulent emails I received confirm my allegations.
I have sent said fraudulent emails to “spoof” but have heard nothing. Ironically, when I tried to close my PayPal account this morning, there were “communication” errors preventing that action. When I phoned PayPal the representative said the account could not be closed at this time without providing any believable explanation.
From this experience I would not recommend using PayPal; as their site is no where near as secure as they believe it to be.

Submitted By:: G. Jones

Location-: Scotland

Posted: March 29, 2012 at 6:53 pm


One Response to Can’t close my PayPal account

  1. Lucy Cummings says:

    Online fraud is all over the place, PayPal isn’t immune to this. It would help a heck of a lot more if the actually provided support to their clients or potential clients when they need it. I heard about an email from “paypal” going out asking for credit card info, bank info, and other sensitive information. I hope people don’t willingly give out that info.

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