Of course buyers love paypal, they can get everything for free

Gosh, where do I begin? The worst probably being that I insure every single shipment going to Europe (I am selling from the US). Back when there were still green US customs labels you could not even prove that you shipped to anyone. Now, with the new customs labels that shouldn´t be a problem, or so I thought… The buyer opened a dispute on ebay/Paypal, Paypal did not even bother to ask me for shipping infos, and refunded them their money like a few minutes after they escalated their dispute. When I called “customer service” I was told, that it had been ebays´s decision to refund not Paypal´s… Right now, my Paypal account is in the negative, because the customer thinks it´s too long to wait 2 days for an international shipment. Way cool, right? The amount is so large that I have to right now ship items without receiving any money for them, because everything that comes in, goes toward the amount that is being “frozen due to this dispute”. So, I am supposed to ship merchandise I paid for, pay at the post office counter, pay the insurance company, all without seeing a dime for it… And let me not mention the many other times I got “screwed by Paypal”.. Unfortunately, all the buyers love it! NO wonder why… because they KNOW they can try to screw the seller and Paypal helps them…
Sincere Thanks for keeping this up and I have recommended many other seller friends to your site already. I hope they will fight Paypal too!!

Posted: January 22, 2013 at 7:50 pm


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  1. Sam says:

    I completely stopped selling/shipping internationally and I have had a lot less problems since. There is still the occasional false dispute here or there but no way near what it used to be for me. What really needs to be fixed is the whole dispute process, it needs more commonsense. Obviously if I am shipping something from the US to Italy it will take more then 2 days so for someone to file a Item not received dispute after 2 days is clearly lying.

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