Buyers abuse Paypal loopholes to scam Sellers

My HORROR STORY, i sold a set of 100 vintage diecast cars to a buyer using paypal. When the buyer received the cars he immediately complained and filed a claim. using ALL the complaints. these complaints were false. they were a set up to his scam as follows. He files the complaints as not as described. ( after seeing many emailed photos before sale ). Pay Pal put a hold on the $400 amount. he then proceeded to send the items to a FALSE return address, so as to trick PAY PAL into accepting the postal return info. As planned the items were sent to the fraudulent address then returned to him. Then PAY PAL sided w/ his claim and penalized me for the $400. all the while the buyer had his $400 back AS WELL AS MY ITEMS. After counter claiming against this buyer 3 times i was finally able to get the buyer to return the items. TO MY DISMAY , the items were all returned SMASHED AND DESTROYED. Upon filing another claim with pay pal disputing the items returned as destroyed by the buyer, i was told to send in proof. i sent in pictures of all destroyed items. PAY PAL then refused to stand by me, stating i HAD to have a second party’s opinion on value of the items. After contacting numerous dealers and ebay stores NO ONE would one wants to be involved. AND PAY PAL KNEW THIS would be so. So PAY PAL dismissed my claims and is holding a $400 negative balance over me while i sit out $400 and have 100 destroyed vintage diecast cars that were worth nearly $2000 total in separate value. I am sure collections is my next stop in this horror story.

Posted: October 30, 2012 at 5:06 pm


4 Responses to Buyers abuse Paypal loopholes to scam Sellers

  1. Mark says:

    The buyer committed fraud, used the postal service for his crime and the internet.

    Also, you can sue the the buyer and paypal.

  2. Janice says:

    Similar thing happened to me with me with an ipad sold, we had the registered details of proof of delivery and it was paid with pay pal. Two months later the buyer claims somebody used there care fraudulently. There credit card company looked into this, CC company agreed so it went in favour of the buyer. Now we are minus one ipad and $417 and Pay pal and Ebay have no interest in helping. Pathetic

  3. Julian says:

    I had purchased a watch that was fake, and won a dispute. Paypal wanted evidence the watch was fake but as there was no jeweller in my area who dealt with that specific brand, no one will put it on writing as even though they are aware it’s fake, they won’t do it.

    I phoned the jeweler and gave them model and serial numbers and got it confirmed they were fake, but paypal wouldn’t accept this so I started my own company.

    Company letterhead, wife’s mobile number, a fake address, or one that can’t be proven as fake (shop X in a shopping village or kiosk in a mall is good) and stated I had inspected the watch and it was fake. Stated I had spoken to Xxxx from ZZZZZ and was given information that it should have serial ending in 123 and model starting with DDDD and this doesn’t have either.

    Faxed it off and the claim was awarded in my favor, watch was handed into police as fake with sellers details.

    Seller is still selling on eBay 3 years later, despite the manufacturer making a complaint to eBay.

  4. Tara says:

    I did that too. Paypal asked for invoices and i couldn’t give them because I was a droppshipper. So I went into Fireworks and made my own invoices. They lifted my account but closed it again and used a whole bunch of other excuses. NO ONE WINS WITH PAYPAL.

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