Buyer protection is a scam

I purchased a fishing rod through Paypal. The rod was defective. The business would not return emails. Paypal advised me to send rod back to the seller and I would be refunded for the item and shipping costs. I sent the item back to the seller providing the tracking number to PayPal.

When I did not hear from PayPay after the item was delivered to the seller, they advised me that they were still reviewing the case. The tracking number and return information was never added to the case file on the website, making it appear that the item was not returned.

Finally when I asked them about the 26.00 return shipping costs that they said l would be reimbursed they advised me to fax them a receipt within 24 hours! When I tried to send this receipt to the FAX number they provided, the number did not work. When I contacted them again, they gave me instructions to scan and send them an attachment with the receipt information. This too did not work as the icon at the top of their web page they said would allow me to send an attachment also did not work.

PAYPAL is a scam. They do not protect the buyer. I will not shop at any business who uses them. They are systemic fraudsters, like mortgage companies and banks. Buyer Beware. They do not protect you.

Posted: October 6, 2014 at 6:39 pm


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