Buyer filed false claim and returned worthless item

I sold a $2,000 camera on eBay. The Buyer received the camera and was happy the first week, giving me positive feedback. The second week, the Buyer claimed that the camera malfunctioned and opened a dispute with Paypal. The Buyer was able to obtain documentation from a local camera shop to substantiate the case that the camera “was not as described”. Paypal never forwarded or showed me said documentation. The eBay auction clearly stated that there were to be no refunds but Paypal didn’t care. Still Paypal sided with the Buyer and granted them the case and ordered them to return the camera to me. Paypal froze my account and put a $2000 hold. The following week, I receive a USPS info notice to come and pick up the camera at the post office. I received the package and in front of the clerk, without opening it, I forwarded it to the manufacturer with a service request order, which I attach to the box on a packing slip. At this time, Paypal refunded the Buyer. The USPS Agent even gave me a signed sealed statement indicating that the package was not opened. The following week, the manufacturer calls me to say that there was no camera on the box but instead they found some worthless objects weighing about the same. I appealed the case but Paypal refused and closed it indicating that I should have been the one opening the package and not a third party (as if the manufacturer were a random third party?!). I do not have my camera and I am out $2,000!

Posted: January 15, 2013 at 5:31 pm

3 Responses to Buyer filed false claim and returned worthless item

  1. dz says:

    You need to contact your lawyer asap.

  2. george misstia says:

    Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.The same thing that happened to you, happen to me, and I did just what you did,(for second, I thought I had written this).Mine was for 850.00 and last week after two years,they gave me back another $50.00.They say its “buyer remose”and any lawyer will tell you not to waste your time or money,to get back your money.Sound like your out of your money,but got your camera back.

  3. johnny rotten says:

    Post their email address and/or eBay user name.

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