BBB Complaint Filed

Employees falsely accused me of violating the company’s “Acceptable Use” policy, and have frozen approximately $1,000 of my funds for over a month so far. After 10+ years using Paypal with hundreds of trouble-free transactions, I sold my old camera equipment on ebay (all positive feedbacks and no customer disputes), using Paypal to process payments from buyers. When I attempted to transfer my funds to my bank, Paypal suddenly blocked my account, denied my appeal, and says they will hold my funds for up to 180 days, and possibly keep my funds as “damages.” PP originally asked me (via web forms and email) to provide my old bank account number to verify my identity, but when I did so they falsely claimed the number was incorrect. They then asked me to update my telephone number so they could call me, but I replied that my telephone number was up-to-date, and PP did not call me. Finally PP claimed I had distributed “sexually oriented” material in violation of PP rules, and permanently blocked “limited” my account. My further emails to PP disputing and challenging their claim were met with irrelevant or useless replies, such as “log into your account,” despite my repeated emails notifying PP that I’m not able to log into my account. (An error page appears. “Sorry – Your last action could not be completed.” The so-called “sexually oriented” material referred to is my eBook “Real Child Safety” and a photo-documentary “Girl Becomes Woman.” Neither is “sexually oriented” in any sense. The documentary is about normal breast growth and development, and is no more “sexually oriented” than a documentary about pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. There are no images focused on or revealing the genital area, no erotic narrative, and no descriptions of any sexual acts. The documentary is offered free when anyone donates $5 to create the Breast Pride Education Foundation, and only after you have read “Real Child Safety” and answered a questionnaire to show you don’t have prurient interests. All of PP’s actions in this case seem to be excuses to withhold my funds for ulterior motives. Almost all of the funds in question are from legitimate sales of camera equipment on ebay, not from donations.

Posted: November 30, 2012 at 6:01 pm


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