2 Responses to I am not allowed to close my account

  1. dave says:

    my account was permanently limited by Paypal Australia. due to my customers requested refunds few more times than others. I have called Paypal many times, the staffs always rude and does not even care since they are not bank so they do not even scare the Australian bank ombudsman. Not even allow me to closing my own account. their reason was Paypal does not wish to conduct any business with me which I am totally fine with that (not want to deal with that company ever) but why holding my bank information and not allow me close the account? their reason was the only way to make sure I am not going back is to holding my information against me… NEVER tell any one to use paypal

  2. Vicki says:

    Paypal closed my account that I had had with them for many years because I was an “undesirable user”. The account has about $600 in it that I can not get until next summer. If I knew a good lawyer, I would sue the stupid company!

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