Need advice regarding a chargeback

A little while ago (July 2015) I had a customer from UK order a few items from my online store (isa based).
I shipped her the order, and on the day she received the package she complained that one of the items (handbag) was having “scuffs”
As our return policy is very clear published online, I offered her immediately to send it back for a full refund or replacement and she refused, claiming she already paid duty for the item.
I offered her 15% off as a compensation and she refused as well.

She initiate a claim with Paypal asking for a full refund of all the amount of the whole order, which include a full set of expensive items, that cost more then the item she was complaining about. And even though she wrote me by email that all the other items that arrived were fine, on her claim she did not mention any of the items, and claim the whole amount as if she received only one item, which she claimed to be “not as describe, or severely damaged”.

Paypal resolution center determine that if buyer return the item then she will receive a refund. But I already offer that from the beginning and she refuse again to ship it back, instead she initiated a chargeback with the credit card company, again not mentioning she had receive many items on this order. she hide this info. and pretend to have only one allegedly damaged item.

Paypal suppose to dispute the chargeback on behalf of my name, but they keep ignore the fact the order included more items, and just reply to me that they will do their best.
Their best end up with me loosing all the money and all of the items. The item that the customer complained about it’s quality, and as well all the other items that were perfectly fine, and never had any issue, beside the fact that the customer hide it on her complaint…

I wrote Paypal maybe 10 times about it, they blew me away.
I received their update about loosing this dispute, when on the email they announced that this is the credit card company’s decision and not theirs, and on the resolution center it was appear as they had considered and decided that they are not able to dispute this claim successfully.

I asked them, how come they are not considering the fact that the customer is hiding all of the items she received as a fraud against me, and they ignored my question time after time.
I attached the evidence that customer had all the additional items in her possession, but no respond about this issue. That’s include the buyer email admit receiving the additional items, mentioning all of the items ok.

I have no one to get answers from. It’s all emails that ignore straight answer regarding this misbehaving. What they want to answer, they answer, and what they don’t want to answer, they ignore…

What should I do?
Where should I complain if Paypal is not giving me any access to talked with the credit card company and prove them that their customer took from me so many items and refuse to pay for them or send it back?
This is stealing as far as I see it… But where will I complain? The police? she is in the UK and I am in USA. What can I do?

Posted: November 11, 2015 at 9:32 pm


2 Responses to Need advice regarding a chargeback

  1. Tony says:

    Hi there. Had something similar happen to me and I’ll tell you right now, PayPal is going to rule against you. Their seller protection is beyond laughable and they’re in cohorts with big banks, so they’ll never rule against their own agenda.

  2. Bezhan says:

    PayPal is a shit , nothing else , cant do anything only charge fee, i had over 2,5k Chargeback they couldnt do anything. only said Credit Card Company has more power than Paypal , Nothing else …

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