Account limited after 15 years of selling

Here’s one I’m sure you have all heard before. Been with eBay since US inception, been with PayPal since it’s inception. Retired from professional selling some 10 years ago but kept accounts with eBay & accounts (multiple) with Paypal.

Mostly used the eBay accounts to buy but we are moving house so want to offload some of our household stuff locally & listed items on eBay. eBay make it compulsory to include Paypal as an option for payment.

All goes well, we sell some stuff, everybody is happy they get bargains because we sell cheap.

I state on all my listings that we much prefer cash on pick up but some guy buys 2 quality bedside table with a couple of matching bedside lamps thrown in for $35 —- for some reason he pays with Paypal. All seems OK, the bloke picks up his stuff, can’t believe it’s so cheap & leaves positive feedback.

I check my Paypal account & they have frozen the funds ($35 minus commission) because they claim
1) We are new sellers & they need to verify we are legit? (after 15 years trading)
2) They need to verify the buyer has been sent the item & is satisfied with it & leaves positive feedback when this is obvious.

Firstly I reported fraudulent behavior within Paypal’s internal system stating they had stole my funds to which I received a nonsensical email reply explaining the funds were in my account but held until they verified the buyer had been shipped the item & they were happy with it. What part of positive feedback translates into “buyer is not happy”!

So I telephone Paypal & get a nice Philipino person who keeps spouting the Paypal regulations about how they are obliged, in the interests of buyer &seller to steal my money for 21 days (or longer if they see fit) waiting to see if the buyer is happy or I am a “fraudulent seller”.

Of course the nice Philipino person was not authorized to help me so he passed me on to another nice Philipino person (in Manilla) who supposedly is more senior. I asked the nice Philipino representative if he was actually in direct employ of the criminal organisation know as Paypal or simply answered the phone in Manila from a call center. Didn’t really get a definite answer on that one. Anyway end of the day the crims at Paypal have my money & the bloke who took my stuff is probably also being debited so they have double dipped.

I know it makes no difference to eBay or Paypal that my next step will be to cancel our Paypal accounts & I will discuss with my wife whether we may also just cancel our several eBay accounts after 15 or so years. Basically I just feel I should not support what this online trading company has become.

Posted: May 27, 2015 at 4:09 pm


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  1. Fabian Noggle says:

    i know the feeling, i have a slightly different issue but similar myself in that my pp account was actually originally an account and whenr paypal bought out and merged ( somewhere between 97 and 99) my was converted to a paypal account, and during the merger and account change over i was robbed by paypal of $500.00 and here is it 2015 and i am STILL fighting pp to get my funds back whereas most would have already filed a lawsuit i havent for several reasons. problem is the longer you let pp string you along the harder it will be to get what is rightfully yours and in my instance i have attorneys waiting for me to give the go ahead to proceed with legal action and when i do i am going to go for all court costs, attorney fees and a LARGE amount for compensation and will NOT settle. if you do the math you will see just going from say late 98 is 16 years ( yeas YEARS) i have been trying to get satisfaction and the sad part is i fall into a rare category of problem coming during a merger, software of the time, and possible mistake by person working to move records electronically from to paypal which is making me proving difficult but also pp records are also wrong claiming i didnt have pp account till 06 and didnt have fleabay till 07 which is also inaccurate and i actually have an eye witness whom has been present and aware of issue since day 1.

    with that said i am contacting pp daily now and documenting, recording calls, and using speaker phone for communication wherever possible with witnesses around. the more i get the better my case up to and including e-mails from customer service that are never from the same person twice, e-mail from “executive support” with a non working contact number for the person sending the e-mail ( number is actually to put in your number to check voice mail or put in number to reach person you need but the number of the person needed was not included) and replies to the “executive” e-mail address never get a reply back.

    also it is important to note that NONE of the corperate office phone numbers for paypal are accurate company lists as in san jose cali but the area code on the phone number is for nebraska, i personally believe this was done BY DESIGN to keep people like us from being able to get ahold of the people we need to or make our complaints known to paypal.

  2. Francesca says:

    I have had the same complaints as others here. I only used PayPal because I am a sole proprietor in international exchange programs and was a bit concerned about the safety of receiving funds from such countries as Ukraine, Russia and China. PayPal sounded like a good idea at the time. I receive payments next day via PayPal from AirBnB where I am a hostess. But as an independent business woman, it is a nightmare. Yes, 21 days holds on funds and then another 3-5 days to be paid. And then a 3% fee on top of it. Honestly, I will just give out my bank information next time. At least I get the funds in 3-5 days and at a flat $15 receipt fee. It is stupid of me to not believe that my very capable bank cannot alert me to questionable funds received by countries with questionable banking systems.

    Long story short … I have to wait several months to bill an agent. Wnhy do I need to wait another month after billing and receiving money to get my funds?

  3. Juan Labiada says:

    Because those problems with Ebay and PayPal I quit selling already. They loose profit on my sales.

  4. JOE says:

    DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!!

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