Account hacked and shipping labels were printed

My Paypal account was hacked in June (June 14th) and used to print 5 shipping labels to Russia. One drained my Paypal account, three went after a credit card and one got my bank account. My credit card company called me moments after I received the “you have printed a shipping label” emails…what was I supposed to say to them, that I authorized the charges even though I didn’t? That card was closed that day and a new one issued.

I then called my bank and was told that the best option for dealing with Paypal was to let the charge post (I would incur an overdraft fee), dispute the charge with them, then come back with the unauthorized-use affadavit (the idea was, Paypal would complete their investigation first so it would be within their inane policy).

Signals got crossed, and I wasn’t able to submit the affadavit right away; in the meantime, Paypal found in my favor. I was finally able to submit it only a few days ago (remember Paypal had completed their investigation, I have all relevant emails).

Today, my account is limited with a negative balance; three days ago, it was in good standing with a $110 balance. So where the hell did that money go? They insist on mailing the confirmation code for proof of address, and I suspect they want some other info that they have no right to.

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 3:58 pm


2 Responses to Account hacked and shipping labels were printed

  1. eva says:

    Your money went in to Paypal’s vault and good luck getting it back. It is never safe to trust paypal with your money and certainly not with your personal and private information. If your account was hacked I would be VERY careful giving any more information to paypal since they have proven to you that they can’t keep your information safe. Imagine if you would have had a couple of thousands in your bank account? Then it would have really sucked.

  2. nomorepp says:

    Your money went to paypal probably never to be seen again. I never trust what paypal says because all they do is lie. If you won the investigation then where did your money go any why was the account limited. They are so shady!

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