Can’t access my account or get any help from Paypal

Basically i lost my debit card in a bar one night, a week later i received an email from paypal telling me that ‘owing to suspicious activity’ my account had been suspended. i was horrified and tried immediately to check my account, only to find i couldn’t log on, send an email to paypal, inquire about the account etc without the number on the lost card. i phoned paypal, after trying for about 4-5 hours to navigate their labyrinthine website to find a way to tell them of my dilemma, only to get through to a call center – after 30 minutes of bad music and more expense – where the operator, after being told of my frustration at paypal and their useless security measures, hung up on me. i don’t expect its his fault really since i can well imagine that paypal treat their workers ten times worse than their customers. am still in the position of not being able to access my account to check for fraud due to paypal’s unwillingness to give a damn about their customers’ well being or good will.

Posted: February 19, 2013 at 8:56 pm


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  1. Sarah Diaz says:

    Few days ago you sent an Email telling that are going to charge to my bank account the amount of $149.49 from purchase done by Stephen XX. Please, do not do this charge, pecause it seems is a fraud committed by this man. I do not know him neither autorized this purchase. He is stealing my identity. Stop this immediately, please and let me know as soon as possible what had happened. I feel sick with this situation, because your are giving me 45 days to answer and have been so difficulted for me to get in contact with you. Iam making copies for all these messages in case I need it to answer questions. I have sent an advice to my Bank account, too. Thanks a lot and let me know what are you going to do to solve this situation. Please…..!

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