A rip of by paypal of 757,75 eu

I have one of the best case to submit to the medias. A rip of by paypal of 757,75 eu
I live in Indonesia and opened an account with paypal and let my money there for two years. I am collecting funds for the red cross Japan to help financially the victims of the tsunami. When I decided to withdraw the money in three transactions here is what happened
1/ my balance is in euros, the payments made in euros but I am not allowed to transfer euros directly to a euro account . When I (want to) withdraw, Paypal, change my euros into indonesian rupiah then from rupiah to euros to fit my euro currency account
2/ But, I could never get any money on my account as they say my bank informations are not correct. I checked and cross checked, everything matches. No one can tell me whats the problem exactly and the money was sent back to my paypal account. In this case, Paypal inform me at the time of the withdrawal that it will cost me 5$ (+possibly a bank fee) to return the money to my paypal account in case my bank informations didn t match.
3/ First withdrawal of 1000euros has been reversed to my paypal account: only 944,88euros came back . I tried 2 more withdrawals before I knew about this rip off. I tried to withdraw 5.334,70 EUR and today only ?5.003,77 EUR came back. the third withdrawal tried the same day was ?6.000,00 EUR and was also denied to even reach my bank! for this, ?5.628,30 EUR came back. So, no money reached my bank account, not even my Bank! and Paypal told me that the bank they use for international withdrawals `might be responsible` I ve been told to contact the `Bank of canada` and ask them what s wrong…i never subscribed to the `bank of Canada` i am not a customer of that Bank and all I know is that paypal doesn t want me to get my money to my bank account. The money is now back to my paypal account and just by trying to withdraw my money to my bank account I already lost 757,75 euros and have nothing on my bank account. I checked the name, the address, the bank name, the account number, everything is matching. I have all proofs and ready to sue paypal over this and make this story public

Submitted By:: Liesna

Location-: Indonesia

Posted: March 5, 2012 at 8:09 pm


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