$800 eBay gift card balance disappeared

I bought 800 ebay gift card and trying to buy a computer on ebay. And I put the shipping address wrong and had to cancel the order. Then these 800 just gone!!! Paypal said they had refunded them back to the card but since then I can’t purchase anything by using these 800 dollar gift card on ebay. I tried every suggestions they gave, change different browsers, clean the cookies, wait, they doing security check on me again and again and it just doesn’t work. And whenever I ask for a supervisor to answer my call, it never go through. Yes it is my fault to put the wrong shipping address in the beginning, it happens. And they should be able to fix that.

Ebay gift card is actually paypal’s product, so ebay said I should find paypal, and paypal will kick me to ebay. They put me on hold forever. After keep trying for 6 days, I just want my money back!! So I file a claim to Amex because I bought these card with amex credit card. And ask for purchase protection. I bought a defective product.

Posted: May 15, 2015 at 6:22 pm


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  1. re says:

    fuck paypal

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