I got 15 years with PayPal and they side with someone with 3 feedbacks.

I started using paypal in 1998 and stopped in 2013. In that time I paid several thousand dollars in fees to them and ebay. The shipping amount they figured out was always low so not only did the fees cost me every sale cost me a couple dollars in shipping the buyer should have paid.

In May of this year I sold a set of 4 new speakers to someone on ebay. Total after shipping $2446.00. I shipped them off and pulled the money out with the debit card over the next few day and went about my business. About 10 days later I get an email from paypal stating that the speakers didn’t match the description. I wrote back and told them that I used ebays fast add canned description and I knew it was correct. I got another email a few days later that said that they refunded the money for the speakers. I said that’s fine I will transfer the money back into paypal from my bank as soon a I have my new in the box speakers back.

For 2 months I tried getting my speakers back paypal was no help. they wanted their money I wanted my speakers. They started calling me sometime 3 times in a day and I would tell them the same thing. They started harassing my elderly parents and its not like im 18 Im 47 years old. They would stop harassing me and my parents. Then they cancelled my account and I had done nothing wrong they gave a refund to a con man with 3 pieces of ebay feedback and they lost all the money I generated for them annually.

Posted: March 11, 2014 at 6:53 pm


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