12 years with paypal and they are holding my funds 21 days

Paypal holds my funds even though I’ve been selling successfully for 12 years under my old account I allowed my ex to take over, which is in in name. I started a new ebay site and have been selling for 6 months with almost 200 transactions, no issues, and they keep holding my funds for 21 days. They even hold shipping funds, even though they say they reimburse my personal account in 24-48 hours. Not True. One reason they told me they put a funds hold is because my spending habits are not consistent in using the ATM card that accesses the acount. Several paypal operators tell me, including a supervisor that I’ve met all the qualificaitons and don’t know why they are putting restrictions on me. So frustrating. The fees are high on ebay and paypal too. I feel so ripped off and harassed. I can never get ahead of my business, I’m always selling items, not getting paid, making the products up out of my pocket and paying shipping too, to then try to get paid back from paypal. I make custom shaggy faux fur rugs.

Submitted By:: Mary L

Location-: Sheffield Lakes, Ohio

Posted: April 27, 2012 at 3:25 pm


6 Responses to 12 years with paypal and they are holding my funds 21 days

  1. Sunrise_Visions says:

    I felt the same way – never getting ahead. My profit margin in miniscule and with paypal nickle and diming me every 10 seconds it made things a nightmere.

  2. Bitemepaypal says:

    they tell you they don’t know why you are restricted but they don’t do shit about it. If you are not supposed to be restricted then they should just lift it from your account instead of giving you the run around. There is no getting ahead with paypal. They will hold you down until you and your business drown in a pool of failure.

  3. Sally Garrison says:

    Payapl is a thief. They chew you up and spit you out at every chance they can. I couldn’t get a head with my business while using paypal myself. That’s why i went with a merchant account that I found through this very site. Good luck! I suggest you dump paypal before they dump you and keep your money!!

  4. Nelly Stefanni says:

    That is no way to run a business. If you keep working with pay pal you will not only be coming out of you pockets but you will be in collections, fraud disputes and headaches reaching out to their customer service. I left them for good and Im going through http://www.merchantinc.com. What a difference!!!!!!! They are eBay compatible so it works for most of us selling products on eBay.

  5. Sharon Wright says:

    I heard this is another new payapl policy. They hold everyones money for 21 days! why? so they can make money off your money! PP is such a scam. I refuse to ever use them again!

  6. losers says:

    Yall a bunch of fucking cry babies boohoo. Some people have cancer you know. And you sitin here about a website that makes money? Every company charges for there service’s. And hold money becouse of scammers. Fucking losers.

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