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  1. linsey says:

    I signed up with ebay and paypal to sell items I buy at estate and garage sales which most of the time when you buy you don’t get a receipt for. For some reason eBay/paypal decided to investigate me, I have perfect feedback, no disputes or chargebacks. Now they want me to provide them with receipts from my supplier and I don’t have this and I am not about to drive around to peoples houses asking for a receipt for a vase I bought from them 3 months ago when they had a garage-sale. This is ridiculous and there is not a damn thing I can do to make eBay/paypal understand.

  2. Mateo says:

    Fair enough, but some of us are outside the US, and we cannot use the alternative suggested in the link above, simply because they require a business registered in the US, social security number and US bank account. It would be nice to find a good service that does not think the world ends in the border with mexico and canada. In some cases we are stuck with PP.

  3. DDesign says:

    I received the same surprise e-mail this morning… and I have over $1000.00 in the account!
    At first I received a “account review” a month ago, I was to provide tracking info on items I have sold (not on ebay!!) which I had no problem with. For two items I was able to provide tracking right away, however I custom make home decor and each item usually takes 20 business days to produce and my customers are full aware of that fact… Yesterday I provided them with the last tracking info requested assuming that I had complied with their request and my money should become available to me “soon”!
    I have had a couple Paypal “claims” which I didn’t think were unusual in my line of business (ie USPS not delivering the package fast enough), and all claims were resolved successfully!
    I deliberately left the money of any transaction in the Paypal account until I knew the item was delivered (stupid me)….
    But frankly I have had enough, I have contacted a friend (attorney) to see what my options are – ie small claims court, Attorney General, Securities…
    I feel so many of us are constantly effected by this and we vent on websites or forums but do not much else, perhaps Paypal knows this and therefore they wont stop bullying us until someone stops them!!!
    My business in not a BIG time business but I have been in business successfully since 2005 and I have been supporting myself and two children with it, so it is my/our “bread and butter” or should I say at this very moment Paypal is holding my rent money and that makes me very angry!!!
    So as far as I’m concerned they just pushed me a little to far…

  4. I have decided to close all of my accounts. I got a statement in the mail from Bill me later few times saying I owe this on my balanace. If you go back and check this
    You could see that I have paid my account off/ the balance was about $5600.00 and if check this I have sent 3 checks in. the amount was a little over $6200.00.
    that mean you owe me a debit . I have my bank statement to show this. then I receive another one yesterday for a little over $4000.00 something is wrong somewhere. I have being checking my pay pal account and bill me later account. It shows that I owe some on my pay pal account. I don’t see how you can charge my account when I have not receive a my paypal card. I have not call it in to activate the card. because I have not receive it yet. the car have exspire. check to
    see what is going on with my account and why are items being charge to my credit card from paypal. think you, bobby stegall

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