10 years as a Paypal and eBay customer and I feel like a criminal

I am a web developer, and I temporarily put a donation button on a website for a non-profit organizations website, to show functionality. I didn’t think anything about it, though it did change my business status to a non-profit. No big deal I guess, but it was. Paypal wanted to see a copy of my 501-C, which I don’t have, it’s not my organization. They also wanted bank statements, explanations of what the donations were being used for etc…there was one donation, from someone on the board of the organization for $5.00 to make sure it worked. I told Paypal it was a misunderstanding, removed the button from the web, deleted the button from my Paypal profile and set my business status as it should be. over a week has passed and I am still under account restrictions, therefore cannot ship any product that my wife sells through eBay using the online shipping. Online shipping cost is far less than going to the post office, which is what I had to do today with a trash bag full of packages from the weekend sales.

I contacted customer support on Friday night, they said the compliant team would contact me and the whole thing should be cleared up in 24 hours. I called back on Sunday and sat in line to talk to someone for 5 hours and 19 minutes! Seriously, I waited that long, they will hate to see the charges on their toll free number from that call. What kind of customer service is that anyway? I am still left with locked funds and sales going into my account hourly which I have to pay shipping for from another source. Nearly 10 years as a Paypal and eBay customer and I feel like a criminal.

Posted: February 28, 2013 at 8:09 pm


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