1 negative feedback in 12 years and I am a sub standard seller

Ebay froze my money ..3 weeks before Christmas ..2012..they still have my money now..*1/18/13..i have 255 dollars in there..i’m over drawn at my bank..and i’m pissed..they said i would be released from the review board..sub standard seller because i got my first negative feedback in 12 years..imagine that?..1..in 12 years..so..i had another ebay name..started selling on that one..after the 3rd sale..they froze those payments also..*yes..connected to the paypal account..i’ve written..called..and yes..attorney general..stuff..oh yes..they said..**one girl saidto me, theyre going to hold your money for 3 cycles..no matter what..*i said..3 mos?..she said yes..no matter what..i’ve been polite..i’ve been nasty..i’ve not threatened..i’ve threatened..nothing phases them..nothing..too big for there own good..need to slam them down..i need that money..i do..any help ..here..i’ll send you chocolate..candy..flowers..whatever…**please..

Posted: January 18, 2013 at 7:11 pm


One Response to 1 negative feedback in 12 years and I am a sub standard seller

  1. Jones says:

    My account was frozen because they said I issue too many refunds, I do this to avoid any disputes and keep my buyers happy but somehow that is wrong. You can’t win with this company!

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