8 years with Paypal and now they take my money?!?

Been a Pay Pal user for 8 years never not ever have i ever had a complaint or a return – I set up my business account a few years ago never used it much just a little here and there same again never had a problem – never a complaint never had any goods returned or a bad reviews then I started using it more often building it up then fucking SHUTDOWN – on top of that and they wanna keep my account balance for 180 Days.

Fuck you I say – When I called Mike with no surname answered (IQ 70) what a fucking wombat the pea brained fool proceeds to tell me he wasn’t required to give me his full name as a call centre member – after i questioned him with to the rational behind PayPals idiotic behaviour and decision and asked for a supervisor after half and hour of this fucking rat bags bullshit I managed to persuade him to let me talk to a call centre supervisor and he managed to locate a fucking zombie


Felony fraud by PayPal

Pay pal is illegally withholding 1400 of funds in refunds via pay pal to my bank account. for no legitimate reason. I owe no one anything. They do not honor the pay pal guarantee and accuse of non payment of items which did not arrive to you. even though credited they will not release the refunds they say for a year. That is corporate thief. I cannot come to CA to take them to court.
there is nothing in their disclaimers to want of confiscation of your money.
I need those funds to spend elsewhere. I will not quit complaining. I am a victim of Pay Pal defending the vendors who supply them money over a mistreated client of the services. They banned me from pay pal and said I could sign up again with a new card and address. I did and now they accuse me of deception. I spend more money with a new account. My buyer page has all positive comments. There is not reason for them to confiscate my funds. or restrict my use if pay pal.


Account close after someone hacked my account

Third party used my account running transactions through my account. Paypal limited my account and demanded I submit document showing the transactions (which were carried out by some hacker who obtained access to my account) after 30 mins of phone support with paypal. They basically told me I was too high risk and nothing I could do. Leaving me with over $100.00 usd I have to wait and claim in 6 months. And blacklisting me from ever using PayPal. No support no understanding that some hacker compromised my account. They don’t care. Forget paypal the greedy corporation had it’s time paypal sucks.


Paypal & Ebay do not protect customers

I recently purchased an evening gown from ebay and paid via paypal. 15 days later, instead of a gown, I received a security camera. As i needed the gown for a wedding which was to happen soon, I requested my money back from seller. the seller insisted that I return the camera at my own cost! I refused to do this and escalated to paypal as I shouldn’t have to pay for seller’s mistake/carelessness. Paypal stipulated that they would refund my money when I returned the camera at my own cost, exactly what the seller demanded.
Paypal does not have consumer’s interests at hand. ebay also is not help! These two need to be out of business, they are a disgrace to honest people everywhere and think they can do whatever they want with people’s money. I ended up getting no money back! I’m 70$ poorer but I know there is a God and parties involved will be judged accordingly.


PayPal is a scam

Thank God there is a website to vent my anger towards this scam called Pay pal, they skirt legality,I have had 2 incidents involving holding of funds , one resolved after 5 days one pending that have pissed me off royally.

They process payments between seller and buyer ( I am a buyer) within one hour but if issues arise, cancellations,refunds, it takes DAYs before you get your money back, this is bullshit. I gladly add my voice to your website to many others that Ebay and Pay Pal should be prosecuted for fraud and illegal practices.

When they list King St,Toronto as their Canadian headquarters, tells me a lot, they are in Executive Row like Wall Street and where all OUR money is going and delays. Put the suckers in jail as they are robbing people left,right and center- keep up the good work and writing to my Member of Parliament after this is submitted.


Sellers Beware and never send any item without tracking to newly opened accounts.

I recently had a buyer from Queensland. The buyer only opened their account a couple of weeks before they purchased from me. The item was purchased & paid, and I sent all before close of business that day. The next day the buyer closes their account and a few days later ebay warns me about a suspicious buyer and to not send the item. (too late) Like clockwork two weeks after purchase the buyer without making contact with me files a claim with paypal. This person is definitely trying to scam me. After googling the person has multiple accounts on ebay that I was able to find. I’m unable to see what her other accounts are like due to privacy. My advice is Sellers Beware and never send any item without tracking to newly opened accounts.


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