I am held responsible for hacked PayPal account

I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur who has been having hard time after hard time for years. My first paypal run in happened when I was 19. Somebody hacked my paypal, email and ebay account and $4300 was passed through the account, first $2000 transaction popped up in my email and I ignored it. Why? because i wasn’t selling anything on ebay and it looked to me like one of those email spam attempts to get your information by convincing you to login through the email link. The second transaction popped up 5 days later and i thought hmmmm, let me investigate. I log in to my paypal and find over $2000 has been transferred out already and theres $2300 in there now! So i called paypal, I immediately let them know that this is not me and I was told that paypal was unhackable and now i was suddenly responsible for over $4000….i was 19 at the time, I didn’t have $4k and I could not understand how i’m responsible for it.


PayPal wants invoices/receipts from 2011

My account was limited because a customer filed a return request and I refunded the money and I relisted the same item and ebay removed the item and suspended my account for 7 days I relisted it again and they said that I was selling counterfeit merchandise and completely limited my account I had $390 in my paypal account and that is frozen I wrote them gave them the product key code of the software along with the UPC code of item they emailed me back and said that they needed additional information to restore my account to normal and ask that I supply them with copies of all of the receipts for all of the software that I have sold on Ebay since 2011 to present I don’t have that info a lot of it was lost in a vehicle fire in Sept of 2014. My money is frozen I cant buy anything I have a 100% positive feedback score.


Fraud rip-off Chinese company scam

On Sept. 25th I ordered a total of $486.52 worth of merchandise; clothing, handbags and jewelry from an on-line company that goes by several different names. To date, I have received approx. 1/4 of the entire order (170.00 worth) of absolute shit merchandise separated into 3 different shipments spread out over 8 weeks. Most of the jewelry was broken (missing stones or chain). The clothing wouldn’t fit a small 7 year old and is covered in threads and faulty workmanship. One handbag was molded.Two others had broken zippers. Here’s the game they play. You contact their “customer service” and they respond to you to “be patient” and “good luck”. When you press for satisfaction (either merchandise or refund) they really start to back-pedal. They ask for missing SKU numbers. They tell you to get “compensation” from your Post Office (none of my 3 small shipments came US mail) They claim


PayPal dispute opened, escalated and closed in 3 minutes

I sold a set of large wheels on ebay to a buyer with less than 100% feedback (first mistake). The shipping was $232 to the customer. Though I sell everything as “no returns” I chose to cut the buyer a break when he asked if I could make an exception because they didn’t fit on his car. I agreed if he was willing to cover my original cost to ship them to him. He was fine with that and sent them back. Upon my refund (less shipping) he filed a dispute to get that money back as well. In 3 minutes time I received 3 emails from PayPal. The first telling me a dispute had been filed, the second email saying it had been escalated, and the third email let me know that the dispute had been decided in the buyers favor at which time the $230 was immediately withdrawn from my account. After an hour on the phone I felt like I was finally getting somewhere (other than India) and was assigned a case number where I could submit


Tips for Dealing with ebay/paypal

I have been on ebay since 1996 and I DON’T and WON’T deal with paypal.
Here is some helpful information if you are having a problem with either payup or ebat:
Paypal; open a merchant account. It’s cheaper than paypal. Better yet, state in your auctions {local pick up only} and have people contact you for alternative payment methods if they can’t pick up.
eBay: Having a problem with unwarranted low DSR’s? IMMEDIATELY file a complaint with the attorney generals office in your state as well as California.
Request, better yet, demand the low DSR be removed.
eBay/paypal has been sued numerous times, each time an AG’s office was involved


PayPal suspension based on no information

I recently received out of the blue an e-mail informing me that both my PayPal account and my PayPal Mastercard had been locked.

Upon calling PayPal customer support, support representative Mario explained that my account had been locked and he could not provide me any information for privacy reasons. I explained that this involves MY PRIVACY if there is purported suspicious activity and I need some guidance as to how to resolve the matter. I was told to go get a subpoena. As an attorney, I explained the subpoena process is not the best option to leave a customer considering there is no information to support filing an action with a request for a subpoena since they provide no information whatsoever as to what information led to the decision. Would I be requesting all documents and correspondences related to my name for the entire history of PayPal? Is that the sort of document request they want their counsel to parse through?



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