PayPal suspension based on no information

I recently received out of the blue an e-mail informing me that both my PayPal account and my PayPal Mastercard had been locked.

Upon calling PayPal customer support, support representative Mario explained that my account had been locked and he could not provide me any information for privacy reasons. I explained that this involves MY PRIVACY if there is purported suspicious activity and I need some guidance as to how to resolve the matter. I was told to go get a subpoena. As an attorney, I explained the subpoena process is not the best option to leave a customer considering there is no information to support filing an action with a request for a subpoena since they provide no information whatsoever as to what information led to the decision. Would I be requesting all documents and correspondences related to my name for the entire history of PayPal? Is that the sort of document request they want their counsel to parse through?



Paypal froze $40k

So, we used Paypal as part of our Indiegogo campaign which (to cut a long story short) was to raise funds to support community hackerspaces by manufacturing circuit boards that they need (very cheaply) and offering these as perks.

We raised $80k. About $40k of that went through Paypal.

Paypal asked for address verification and proof of ID. The Paypal system itself would not allow these documents to be uploaded until AFTER the account had been frozen. Now that it has been frozen, I’m told there is a minimum 6 week period to verify my identity and then maybe I’ll receive the funds. This means that manufacturing cannot take place, and 600+ people have effectively been robbed.

I’m now forced to cover this $40k out of my own pocket (I can’t just screw over 600 people like Paypal did).

I really can’t see any solution to dealing with Paypal through legal methods because their lawyers


Was tricked to ship international and got screwed.

I sold a item on ebay using best offer. I had the auction listed as no international bidders ( I had never shipped international). The “buyer” had multiple locations one being United States, the other Macau. I only accepted because I couldn’t see the Macau location (it was covered by his offer on the screen). After I found out he was not in the States I called Ebay and was told since I had accepted his bid I risked negative feedback and Ebay suggested I proceed with the sale because the “buyer” had all positive feedback. Here is what has happened. The item has not showed up Paypal deducted all funds from my account (I’m at -$400.00) and refuses to help. The “buyer” has since changed his address and his so called positive feedback is mark as positive BUT with all NEGATIVE comments. I have all screen shots, printed off all of the negative comments, proof of shipment, and a notarized


PayPal admits to glitch but does not provide me with payment

In 2005 I sold a military Katana to a person in another state, received notice to ship as PayPal revived payment.

Item was shipped, tracked and within 5-minutes of receipt by buyer, Pay Pal refunded his entire purchase amount w/o any complaint. The item was not returned,

I asked Pay Pal by phone, and they aid it was possible a glitch in their system and would be corrected within 45 days, so after 42-days, w/o receiving the sale price in my active account, I requested Pay Pal investigate. Their answer was it wasn’t possible, but they admitted it did happen, and since it was shipped by mail I should contact UPS with the details re: mail fraud. You can guess where that got me… USPS referred me to the local police, who said it would require a $10,000 bond to formally serve a warrant on the buyer (the person never responded to several e-mails), and in addition a formal complaint need be filed in the city & state


Our item was lost but we never got refund

We recently ordered goods from an Italian seller that didnt turn up The item was apparently lost at Heathrow Airport.
We opened a case against the seller as EU seller regulations state they are responsible for refund.
Paypal didnt read the info we supplied and ruled case in favour of seller,they didnt bother using tracking number to see it had been lost.
We appealed case and stated we can prove item has been lost but again they refused to take into account any info we had supplied and said the item had been delivered.
The seller has become abusive and will not refund which by law they are required to do so we are looking at taking PayPal to court to recover money as its down to their incompetence we have not received refund.


Trying to sell my iPhone 6 Plus on ebay turned ugly

I moved to Spain from NYC and purchased the Iphone 6 Plus, but realized that wifi is such a joke in Barcelona that it wasnt gonna be worth it. I put the iPhone 6 plus on Ebay and was immediately scammed by a guy in Nigeria who had hacked into a guy in UKs seller site who had the greatest ratings ever. He sent perfect emails, with all the Ebay and PayPal logos but no money showed so i didnt send. I reported him and Ebay stepped in and had an investigation and didnt allow me to sell the phone for two weeks while they discovered i was indeed the victim.

So i was unable to access that money for two weeks and in the time the Iphones that were selling for $850 dropped to $500 due to more factory releases. Eventually i continued to get scammed. Buyers threatened to sue me, they swore at me, they told me to get off Ebay. Since i had no phone and Ebay will not allow you to email them i bought a pre paid 30 Euro phone card and made the


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