Paypal sucks and they should be shut down!

The Paypal system is a scam! Someone posted funds for me through paypal- I had to set up an account just to facilitate this. Because its a new account, they held the funds for 21 days- when I went into retrieve the funds after 21 days, they weren’t there. I called in and they said I never verified my email address when I set up the account (I did) and, after doing that again, the 21 day wait started all over again. Incidentally, their fees are substantially higher than what I pay for my merchant account for receiving credit card payments. Paypal sucks and they should be shut down!


PayPal mistakenly put a hold on my account and did nothing about it.

After being diagnosed with an illness that was going to keep me home indefinitely without medical insurance, I somehow needed to support myself, so I opened an eBay and PayPal account.

After a 8 years years of working very hard at this business and perfecting it with a custom made logo, store front and pages, as well as a high standard for product and customer service, with a 99.9% rating and 0 complaints or open claims,… PAYPAL decided to put a 90 day hold on 2700.00 + dollars, stating “complaints” and a “bad rating” which was untrue, I didn’t have any of these issues.
PAYPAL also asked me to confirm my identity with copies of utility bills and a copy of my DL, which I did comply with. After sending I called PayPal and spoke to a supervisor, who confirmed, I in fact did NOT, have any reason to have a hold placed on my account, that I was indeed a perfect seller and should NOT have this


Appalling service by PayPal

After selling USD 190,000 on ebay in a one month period ( giving Paypal substantial commission ) I am getting appalling service.
15 days ago I sent in a request asking for a transactions report during that period. It should be easy to generate but excel sheet generated did not match the total amount collected.
5 days later – No reply so I sent a reminder.
I got a reply in two days from someone called Syahirah . She said she would send a the report by email that day . Of course she didn’t.
I got a telephone call the next day saying the same- Of course I did not receive.
Yesterday , after 14 days of waiting I got a email saying will be sent that day . Of course it has not been.
I wait in good faith but I am astonished about the level of service I am getting considering the amount I have transacted. It seems PayPal cannot provide service to larger business.

Despite transacting this


Horrible Paypal experience, 113 fraudulent transactions

I recently had 113 unauthorized paypal transactions and my account was overdrawn for over $10000 due to paypal fraud. The only thing that goes through my paypal account on a monthly basis is Netflix payment.
When I contacted paypal, they were not helpful at all and first they said there system got hacked into and they said they had taken care of of the transactions and refund them back to me.
2 days later all those 113 unauthorized paypal transactions went through my account and when we call paypal back, they blame us and even try to blame my bank and online banking. My husband does not even do online banking and they denied that there system got hacked.
Screw paypal it is not safe, customer service is bad and lots of attitude. When we asked them when this is going to be resolved, the supervisor said ” I don’t work for you”, really this is how you respond to your client to help your client resolve


Worst Customer Service in The World!

I have been having nothing but problems with Pay Pal for over a year!! It started last year when a Pay Pal Service Representative deleted my account without my permission!!! I had a Pay Pal Smart Connect account attached to this email account, When I called and complained about my account being closed with out my authorization the representative said all I had to do was reopen the account with the same email.

This is where the frustration began. I could not access my Pay Pal Smart Connect account online anymore!!! I place 23 phone calls to Pay Pal Customer Service and Pay Pal Smart Connect Customer Service. 23 Times they said it would be fixed in 3 to 5 days!.23 times it was never fixed!!!! To this day I still can’t use my Pay Pal Smart Connect Account???? That’s OK because I refuse to ever give them my business again after the completely horrible, worthless customer service.

Now I just sold a computer on Ebay.


The risk of using PayPal

Just to confirm what we already know, PayPal does suck. I’m shocked to find out by googling ‘PayPal problems’ how many hits I get.

Been selling on Ebay for months now, and in 80% of the cases all is well.
One BIG problem: if the buyer want to get you, he will. I sell coins, and especially in Italy and eastern Europe it’s always a problem. Believe it or not, Italy is pure horror. 0 of my 8 packages arrived and I lost my money and coins. So no more Italy shipping. I’m not the only one though, many other seller put in their ads ‘NO SHIPPING ITALY’

So what happens when a customer puts a PayPal refund claim on a supposed non-received item? You can have track and trace, photo’s of the package, it just doesn’t matter. You lose! The buyer is God and will win the case in almost all cases. This opens the door to bad ‘customers’.

So what now? Give up on


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