What I hate PayPal.

Today, my Paypal account got “permanently locked”. They emailed me to let me know that they didn’t like the fact that I just wrote down my proof of SSN on a piece of paper and uploaded it. Well, actually they just banned my account and said that I could go into resolution center in paypal and provide proof to get my account back. But how could I log in if my account is locked? I just emailed complianceverifications@paypal.com and let them know “could you unlock my account or get a lawsuit instead?” Within a couple hours, my account was back on and still asking me for my SSN. Still haven’t given it to them, I plan to in the future, but can’t right now. Ebay made it terrible to purchase anything on the site… you HAVE to use paypal. OR their shitty service known as Billmelater.


Scamming buyer got Macbook for free

my wife sold a new mac book air to a person in Australia for $1365. including free shipping. The one she sold it too gave her an address in Indonesia to send the macbook air too. He sent four emails confirming where he wanted it sent. After he paid my wife, she transferred her money to her bank account before shipping. Once she shipped it, she gave the tracking number too the buyer, the buyer then called paypal and said we sent the laptop to the wrong place, so paypal without investigating gave this scammer back all of the money and debited my wife’s paypal account $1365.

Paypal sided with the scammer despite us sending all the emails from the buyer requesting were to send the laptop. Paypal still sided with the scammer,The scammer got my wife’s laptop for free and got all his money back. So my wife did not pay back paypal, they began with non stop harassing calls seven days a week including early Sunday mornings,


Bought item on ebay no problem but was told it was a fake when I tried to resell it

I have been suspended for 1 yr. why? because on approx 4 different occasion after purchase somethings off of ebay, later after used trying to resale them was told they were unauthentic, If they allow me to purchase them off ebay for 100′s plus of dollars thinking they were authentic to find out later ebay pulled them and suspended for trying to resale item after used for a violation?????
After several attempts to try and discuss this matter with ebay cust svc. and keep getting told i violated policy, no shit why was I able to buy it then? where is my buyer protection at, One item is a pair of chanel flats I purchased Mar 28th 2014 wore them approx 5x. now i relisted them July 11, 2014 and was removed because of violation policies…..please help me to understand. every other violation was due to the same situation. there is something wrong here, if i had not try to resell would have never know it was not


Limited on my first purchase

I got a new pre-paid visa credit card just a day ago and made a paypal account with it. The second I tried to purchase a game through Origin using my paypal account, they limit it! So I complain to them a bit, asking why. Of course, the refused to tell me what “unusual activity” is going on with my credit card.
So I sent in a picture of my passport and a credit card statement because they told me to do so in order to lift the limits. Then I receive an email saying that they are denying to lift the limits from my account! So I pay $1.95 to confirm my credit card and I receive a code to confirm it, hoping that will “prove” that I’m the owner of the card.

Of course I received an email telling me that it made no difference. So I complained to them again, and again, and again since they have stopped responding to my emails (great customer service, btw). Then I receiveā€¦ guess what. Guess. If you


Paypal admitted they may have limited me by mistake

My account was “limited” (essentially frozen) a few years ago and I could never find out the reason, despite a year of appeals. One chap one the phone admitted it could simply be a mistake but was powerless to fix it. All my appeals and requests for information was met with a stone cold silence. It seems I have been banned from using Paypal for life. Paypal even blocks my debit cards from being used online. I am a honest man. Paypal sucks. That’s the truth!


Tired of being a cash cow for eBay and PayPal

Why after being forced to use PayPal by eBay(UK) because all other alternatives have been withdrawn do I have to pay the same company twice, this is of course a rhetorical question and the answer is very simple, corporate greed.

Not only does eBay take a slice of the sale price but it also takes a percentage of the postage fee, what the hell does it have to do with them once the item is sold? The lack of a dedicated customer service email and the incredible waiting time contacting them by phone or virtual chat makes it almost impossible to contact them, in short this company doesn’t care about its customers as long as the cash keeps rolling in.


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