PayPal seems to be charging more then they say

I have a 100% positive feedback, always ship on time, however PayPal that is owned by the same folks who own eBay, is sitting on my money for weeks. I don’t see a valid reason for them doing this. The reason being is to either confirm that the seller has enough funds in their account or to protect the buyer. I fail to see the connection. My credit card info is on file, so what’s the problem?

The way I see it, they are using my $$ interest-free. What an ingenious idea.

Besides, have you noticed how they calculate their fee? PayPal apparently has created their own rules of rounding numbers; it’s always a penny or two over the calculated amount. Selling price times 2.7% plus 30 cents — PayPal’s result is always over the amount you’d arrive at by using math. Not much to talk about, but multiply that by the vast number of users, well you get the picture.

Moreover, it’s


I wait for PayPal to return the funds while I continue to incur overdraft fees

I’m in the process of moving and my only income is disablity. A friend of mine set-up a fundraiser (through one of those websites) to help raise money for the move. She was able to raise just the right amount for me to make the deposit and first months rent.
I had to pay twice the deposit unfortunately because of my bad credit. I decided it would be best if I broke up the funds in order to balance what I have in my personal checking account and what my friend had raised me. I deposited $300.00 into PayPal and within a few days (before it “posted?” to my PayPal account) I began to use my PayPal debit card. Mind you, PayPal had the funds basically “dwindling” in the air for about six days. To my surprise I began to realize the funds were not being released into my account while I was using my PayPal debit card and just a few moments ago, I went online and had a glance at my checking account –


Paypal is Garbage

I bought an engagement ring off of eBay from a dealer in New Jersey. I did not have my eBay account linked to my Paypal at all. When I went to click the Continue button to go to the payment portion, It automatically purchased the order from my primary method of payment. No verify payment page, just poof $1,100 gone from my bank account. There wasn’t enough money in my bank account to cover that so it took me into the red about $650. I contacted the seller and had them cancel the order and refund the payment so I could buy again with the correct payment method I wanted. It took two days for the money to be returned to me and everything was fine, until a week later.
The original order was cancelled and refunded but Paypal decided to pull the money out again. I immediately contacted them and told them that the order was originally cancelled and they seemed to not care about the fact that they took all my money from me for a second


Buyer was out to scam me from the start and PayPal helped them

A buyer purchased my item through ebay – I posed the item the next day special delivery – beforehand I was sent an abrupt message from the buyer asking me to package the item appropriately. seeing this as unusual-I took photos of the item before I posted it, just in case.
I checked that the item had been received and no sooner had I done so, the buyer had contacted paypal direct expressing that the item was significantly different to to my ebay item & had rust stains along with gems missing. I raised a dispute with paypal sending photos of the item with no rust stains, missing gems or was certainly not significantly different to my advert on ebay. paypal completely ignored me & found for the buyer immediately refunding them despite my numerous emails and detail. having received so many conflicting email replies from paypal dodging the answers to my questions I have now sent these photos & a letter to paypal


PayPal appeal denied for being honest person!

I recently opened a PayPal account two months ago in order to sell the inventory I bought and accumulated from Macys throughout the years as I am an employee in that department store. Every holiday we get Presales and items up to 50-70 off so it’s a privilege working there and having a ebay to sell sounded great. So I went ahead and asked my Friend to borrow his ebay on oct 2014 so I can list most of the stuff as he has high limits to sell. I went ahead and sold in his account for 1 month and half. Made $14000 as I tried to get rid of most of my inventory for the holidays I’m thinking this is going to be a good christmas for my family. Over the course of that month and half sold over 190 items just 9 returns as buyers said that items were dirty and defective or changed their minds , i refunded them. But I left the money in PayPal without withdrawing it. Big mistake . I tried withdrawing just $1400.,, it went through. Again


PayPal told seller to ship to wrong address

I open a dispute against an overseas seller because I was not given my tracking number from the seller. PayPal conducted their investigation and state that the seller had shipped my product through them so I felt comfortable that I would receive my item because PayPal policy states that the product must to shipped to the bill to address.

Well, I didn’t receive my item, call to open another disputed because the item was shipped and delivered to other state. PayPal refuse to refund my money because they I open and close the dispute. They are not taking any responsibility for their shipping department shipping to another address. How did I know that the seller ship to another address?


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