No money for shipping.

I been trying to sell a laptop for 800 dollars. Now I am new to using paypal. I been needing this money immediately before a deadline and what I didnt know was the withholding of the funds. I can not wait that long. So 5 different people were buying from me and I gotten an email from paypal saying they are withholding til there is proof of my tracking. How the fuck do I know it is not a scam? If I was to sell this item I would need the money immediately to send it off to the buyer. The extra money that I do not have to ship off. Which to me is outright ridiculous because if you need the money to be able to ship is exactly why you need it NOW! If nothing else at least release the shipping cost.


I believe Paypal lost my info or they are scamming me

Hi All,

The following happened to me, my letter to them!

They just popped me out on some audit and shoved me aside after being a customer since they started. Ever since Ebay bought them out, they have been difficult to work with.

I think what it is they lost is my account information and credit card info and are asking for it again.

I think I will quit Paypal.

I can’t believe all the hatred boards out there on Paypal. Don’t they get it?

Hi Paypal,

Wow, I’ve used Paypal for so long and now I can’t even get to my account. I was going to start using other services of Paypal but somehow, you hit on us. I don’t know why? We did nothing wrong?

You tell me to change my password? I cannot. Your own system won’t let me change my password on my own account? Can you believe that? Don’t you want my business? I guess not!

I’m not going to reenter all


It seems like I am being punished for making it to Top Seller level.

Three years selling on eBay. Finally make it to Bronze Power Seller level and Top Seller level. Over 500 sales, 289 positive feed backs, 3 negative feed backs (those were unfair). Paypal went and put limitations on my account. Only thing it said at top of screen when I log into Paypal is that I have to establish an eBay selling history.

Selling on eBay is one of my main sources of income. Right now we are barely getting by. We are lucky if we get the rent paid and cat food for our cats.

I can’t even do USPS shipping labels via eBay because Paypal will not release the funds. Which those funds actually belong to my customers. Part of the money they send me is to ship the items they purchase to them.

eBay will let me do Fed Ex shipping labels. eBay just adds the fees to my bill. One of the items I shipped, tennis ball wire basket, not more than 8 lbs, I think it was $12 when I printed out shipping


Paypal is hiding the withdraw button

Depended on PAYPAL as I have no car. Cant go to bank, cash checks. Astrology clients pay me by paypal. Sure, a lot gets taken off by PP. But.. better than NOTHING. I would do a few astrology readings, send the money to my bank CLICKING WITHDRAW. Now, there is no withdraw button. NEW SITE DESIGN is clunky, slo moving for my WINDOWS 98 Se PC, a 19 yr old computer. And most of it is FULL OF GUMMY ADS that HOLD on to the screen, and I FEEL that much of it is invisible. FOR INSTANCE, the SEND button does not lead to withdraw. And no withdraw option anywhere. Last nite I had to use this LIE of a LINE ON THE MENU ..”SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS FREE!” To send my collected dough to a pal who lived near a bank. PAYPAL LIED. they charged anyway! made 8 bucks off the transaction which they already made 8 bucks on when it was sent to me~ and then my pal in Texas had to go into her bank and do a routing number plus ACCOUNT number gambit to


What I hate PayPal.

Today, my Paypal account got “permanently locked”. They emailed me to let me know that they didn’t like the fact that I just wrote down my proof of SSN on a piece of paper and uploaded it. Well, actually they just banned my account and said that I could go into resolution center in paypal and provide proof to get my account back. But how could I log in if my account is locked? I just emailed and let them know “could you unlock my account or get a lawsuit instead?” Within a couple hours, my account was back on and still asking me for my SSN. Still haven’t given it to them, I plan to in the future, but can’t right now. Ebay made it terrible to purchase anything on the site… you HAVE to use paypal. OR their shitty service known as Billmelater.


Scamming buyer got Macbook for free

my wife sold a new mac book air to a person in Australia for $1365. including free shipping. The one she sold it too gave her an address in Indonesia to send the macbook air too. He sent four emails confirming where he wanted it sent. After he paid my wife, she transferred her money to her bank account before shipping. Once she shipped it, she gave the tracking number too the buyer, the buyer then called paypal and said we sent the laptop to the wrong place, so paypal without investigating gave this scammer back all of the money and debited my wife’s paypal account $1365.

Paypal sided with the scammer despite us sending all the emails from the buyer requesting were to send the laptop. Paypal still sided with the scammer,The scammer got my wife’s laptop for free and got all his money back. So my wife did not pay back paypal, they began with non stop harassing calls seven days a week including early Sunday mornings,


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