Problems with both eBay and PayPal

I have been dropped to below standard seller by ebays little bots that are trying to follow human behavior and that is impossible. I called to get the cases removed because was paypal that shut down my card and could not place my orders with the supplier and pay for shipping and boxes and all the stuff you have to do said could transfer to money to bank and it was a Friday and would not go through for 5-7 business days Paypal standard or course could pay a small fee of 57 dollars and would be there in 2 business days so when said okay they said would need different card to pay for it could not just take out of account WOW!

So called ebay and asked what to do and was told to contact buyer and refund money as out of stock and when get new card contact again and let them know back in stock and if bought from me it would not count against me for out of stock well guess what it does and now they after 18 days with no hold and everything


PayPal took money from our account to pay for Fraud account.

Paypal has restricted our Paypal account since someone fraudulently opened a Paypal account in our name over 11 years ago. Today Paypal has taken $357.19 from our Paypal sales and are holding over $1500 due to the apparent Scam. Now I have to wait until Friday afternoon for clearance with their LEGAL DEPARTMENT. Not only is this defamation but we are losing thousands of dollars in sales this week due to “THIS INSIDE JOB” by Paypal. And why did it take 11 years for PayPal to figure this out or were they just waiting until we had some more money i our account that they could steal from us?


Contact address for notice of legal action against Ebay

I can give you the long version later if necessary, but right now I wish to take Ebay to court.

Basically, they let a seller sell an item that I had paid for. I phoned Paypal, who spoke to Ebay uk. Ebay UK spoke to me and failed to carry out their undertakings in relation to the buyer. They had verified, as had Paypal, that I was correct im what I was saying about the seller.

Ebay also then failed to respond to my urgent complaint regarding the fraud of the seller by my using their ‘report a member mail’.

They have therefore been complicit in the fraud of the seller, and my not receiving the item and it being sold to another buyer.

Needless to say, the seller ignored all my communications except for the first one.

I have currently spent days failing to register a formal complaint to Paypal about themselves. The facility seems to have been disabled.

I wrote an email as per your advice


First funds were on hold then they vanished.

I tried to pay for a subscription to Elder Scrolls Online, only to be informed by paypal that the funds were being held for 21 days. 21 days passed and they still didn’t release the funds – in fact I never got them back and the subscription never got paid. The hold just simply disappeared from my account. This didn’t ever happen before but has been happening a lot recently. They suspect us of fraud? I say they are the ones who should have a lawsuit for worldwide wire fraud. They cannot be allowed to continue business under their current policies.


PayPal is holding my funds for 180 without reason – I have verified ALL requested

PayPal is holding ALL funds owed and due to me. The funds were pushed to my VERIFIED checking account — then PayPal “reversed” the funds due to “technical” issues. Later, I was transferred to the PayPal Resolution Team. I was asked a series of questions and then asked to provide information to verify my person. Why? I’m not sure, as my account was already verified. I proceeded in sending the requested documents. Later, I received an email and confirmed (via telephone) with Michelle that my PayPal “appeal” was denied.

I’m submitting a claim to the BBB and seeking counsel to represent.


I got PayPal because I thought it would make things easier

I am a business owner and signed up for paypal so customers could pay me from around the world a little easier (or so I thought). Used PayPal for over a year with no problems from my home PC. After purchasing my new phone I decided to download app. Not always phone/computer savvy anyhow I received a payment from a customer and tried to withdraw funds to my bank but ended up transferring the money from my bank to my paypal, so I called immediately and they told me they can’t stop the transaction. I told them what happened and told them it was a mistake on my part and I didn’t want the money in my paypal. After talking with them they said the would put a note on my account, well my bank account was low on funds and wasn’t able to cover the 300 dollars so it caused my bank to deny the transaction resulting in return fee’s. So four days later even though I had talked with customer service that I didn’t want


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