Paypal holding my daughters money

My daughter was moving house in the UK. I sent her money from my Australian PayPal account to help out. Her PayPal account is in the name she has normally been using for some 10 years however it is not her legal name. PayPal now want her to prove her identity before they will release the funds. She has tried to change her surname to the legal one, which according to their web site can be done for people using “nicknames”. But even with this they are expecting her provide documents she just doesn’t have. The simplest option, you would think, is for the transaction to be reversed. No PayPal won’t allow that either as once again she has to come up with all this identity info. As the money is already in her PayPal account I have my hands tied and can’t do anything because from their point of view it is NOT MY ACCOUNT. I have no idea how this is going to turn out but at present it doesn’t look good.


PayPal seller protection plan doesn’t protect

I have a few times that I either lost money with Paypal and their Seller Protection Plan did not protect me:

1. Buyer was a fraudster, paid by paypal, asked me to send by fastest service, then initiated a payment reverse at paypal. I lost the goods and the shipping cost. Called paypal, they said they could do nothing and suggest me to be more careful in choosing buyer.

2. Foreign buyer was just very impatient. He paid by paypal, opted for surface mail shipment, didn’t receive the goods within 45 days (which I warned him that it could take up to 2 months. He filed a claim and paypal refunded all my money to him, even though I have post office receipts showing that I have posted to the buyer and email correspondence to show that buyer opted for the slow surface mail, which shouldn’t have arrive anyway when the claim was filed. Good thing that buyer eventually received in 2 months and was honest and paid me


Don’t ever use PayPal…stay away!

I found an item in eBay (yah it all started w/ that item in eBay), the price seemed cheaper, bought the item for 435.00, upon delivery found that the seller was fraud, and sold *used* item as *new*.
Next, lodged a claim with paypal for a resolution. Paypal kept sleeping on it for four weeks, yah that sucks, and that’s their SLA.
Called them, and they said, I must find an attorney to prove that I’m not lying…and the item is actually *used*. Yah, Really. The buyer (who is a victim of a fraud already) has to now go through these hops to prove a fraud a fraud. For Paypal’s, a Seller is correct unless proved otherwise and a buyer is incorrect unless proved otherwise. See the difference? (For other guys like AmEx its just the opposite, BTW. Yah AmEx you rock.) Anyways, after 4 different calls w/ various PayPal representatives and over 6 hrs of talking (its really 6hrs over 4 calls w/ them) one supervisor


Sue paypal

Paypal stole my money for scam person in united states. On Nov 23 I sold 800$ item on ebay and seller asked if I can ship it with canada post and put his contact number on it. I agreed and ship it next day the 24th and notified buyer item will be at your home in 4 to 6 days max.
The item arrived 28 Nov and shows delivered. I contacted buyer same day to ask about item but he refused replay. On Dec 2, buyer said he was away but he didn’t receive item but he will check USA post office. I replay and wrote please let me know if you find it or not but he never replay after this msg. I called number he gave me and msg that number but both answers were”wrong number”. Dec 3 I contacted buyer again but refused to replay. On Dec 6 I was surprised that I got 4 Emails followed each other in one time from paypal stated Dispute, Escalate, Investigation, Closing case respectively. The process shouldn’t be like this fast


PayPal Billing and sign-up issue

I was trying to purchase some Norell perfume for my cousin for Christmas. When I was registering for the product through eBay and then going through the PayPal payment registration, I thought I cancelled the transaction. The next thing I see is a charge on my credit card via PayPal. Since I thought I had cancelled the PayPal transaction, I then went back to EBay and entered my credit card number for purchasing the same product. Now I can not get a hold of PayPal and the EBay Customer Support is worthless. I am exhausted and still do not understand why the PayPal transaction went through when I wiped out all my pertinent detail and now a charge is showing up. I’m totally wiped-out by trying to resolve anything. I just don’t want two of the same products to be sent to her and be double-billed. No customer-service on Sat. past 7:00pm PST. ENOUGH!


eBay and PayPal are going downhill fast

I started selling on e-bay in 2005 -2014 with 699 feed backs had two negative feedbacks and went to 95.5 % and was 99.9 %. Then a month later I was suspended from all selling because of low seller performance the new seller rating system that was put in place in Aug. is a joke I had two packages damaged in shipping and I was told that I was at fault. What am I supposed to do hand it to the person in person 400 miles away !!!! I get the feeling that paypal and eBay don’t want you to do good.


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