PayPal failed to use correct funding source

I made an online purchase and selected paypal to process transaction. Default option was my bank account, but direction on screen paypal says:
“PayPal will use your MaserCard Car *-**** to fund this transaction if your bank does not have enough funds.”
So I continued with transaction. Later on that week the default account went into negative causing a $45 NFS fee from my bank. I contacted paypal and they quoted some info from there site. I responded with a screen shot of a second transaction from same online retailer and same PayPal account showing these exact words. They replied with more BS which does not support there claim. I replied

“Original questions remains. How could this happen, the bank account did not have the required balance, instead of the backup source being used, the account went into negative. Thereby casing a $45 dollar NSF fee. The system or website design is faulty and


PayPal Sucks for Holding Seller Funds

I have been selling on eBay since 2000, but I’ve been in and out of it. I have been a PowerSeller and all that good stuff. Working on eBay is like a second nature to me.

My newest account was created in 2010. Honestly, I haven’t been using eBay a great deal because of the way they changed once they started getting greedy.

At any rate, I sold an expensive cell phone recently and I sold one back in 2010, lol. All my transactions have positive feedback. When I went to sell my $1,500 computer today, they “held” the funds that the customer gave me and expected me to come out of my pockets with shipping money for a computer. They expected me to be okay with my money being in limbo and my product being gone…until they say so?

WOW! There was no way I was shipping out my personal computer like that, and I think it’s ludicrous for them to feel as if they have the right to hold the funds


Need help with my PayPal account

I love this site! Wish I’d found it months ago. :) I hate Paypal with a passion, and found myself on this site after Googling around trying to find a solution to my problem. I wondered if this is one you’ve heard before?

In a nutshell, I used Paypal for a few years to accept payments for my (very small) business. Since 2011 or so everything went great. Then about halfway thru 2013, a customer disputed a large payment unfairly, and Paypal decided against me (surprise.) I immediately canceled debit cards and bank accounts that were linked to my Paypal account, and opened new ones etc just as the instructions on this site say to do. So far its kept them from stealing my money. At one point I logged in and was somehow able to cancel my Paypal account entirely. BUT – I just realized I made a horrible mistake,


I hate everything about PayPal

I absolutely hate paypal and googled up “paypal sucks” to see if there was anything out there. Viola, here I am sharing my story. The endless hoops that paypal jump you through while collecting every piece of personal and accounting information is unbelievable. Starting with an ebay transaction, every turn then leads to paypal getting every piece of into out of you and selling services that are implied as required to get your money. I hate the entire paypal scam and they haven’t even froze my money or otherwise screwed me but I am sure that is next.


Bill Me Later is a complicated option

Some of PayPal’s payment and credit options are confusing. For example, I just bought a bike with what I thought was Bill Me Later. I had just been approved for credit. There wasn’t any Bill Me Later option on PayPal’s web site that I could see so I chose the Smart Connect option, thinking it was Bill Me Later. Yesterday I noticed that the money I was going to use for bills was all but gone out of my checking account. PayPal had taken every cent of the money for the bike out of my account! I don’t know what I would have done if a friend hadn’t offered to loan me the money so that I could avoid overdrafts on my checking.
This is a very confusing thing that PayPal does. It’s also confusing just trying to do what they tell you to do in order to link your Bill Me Later credit line. You have to actually get a new PayPal account if you have previously used Smart Connect. I have gone over and


PayPal Phone Customer Service HORROR!!!

I had a simple thing. A paypal transfer from my bank account to my friend’s because I was at work when she needed the money. She needed it soon, I tried to get it to her soon as I could. Lo and behold, Paypal’s ‘instant transfer’ is not at all instant and takes 3-5 business days. I should have waited and given her a check or wired her money via western union. My bad of course.

I called paypal customer service, hoping to get the transaction canceled considering it had not yet pulled from my bank account. Nope. Evidently “she has the money, the transfer was instant,” quoth the representative.

“no, she doesn’t have the money, because it’s not in her bank account.”

“She has the money, it’s in her account.”

“No, it’s not. It hasn’t pulled from my account, so it can’t be in paypal, and if it’s not in paypal,


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