Buyer has item, PayPal has my money and I have nothing.

After years of selling on eBay and using PayPal, I had 2 picky/unhappy customers who just couldn’t be satisfied, no matter what I did, including giving partial refunds & letting them keep the products. This was all it took for eBay to limit my account. Subsequently, PayPal now has blocked me from using my accounts, because they claim I’m selling “counterfeit” items, which is ridiculous & has no merit. All of this after years of them, each, taking percents of my sales. It’s hard enough to make decent profits on eBay for some things. I used it, mainly, for extra money for bills & other responsibilities. Now, they have cut that off, and I can’t even get the money that IS MINE. My customers have their products & have left Positive feedback, but PayPal has a hold of my money. Of course, this put me at a loss. I though about giving it all up, and trying one of the other auction sites/online


PayPal taking money from wrong funding source

I purchased from the six Star Wars movies. This was a pre-order. the same day I began the transfer of $100 dollars to my PayPal wallet account to cover the cost of the movies. At the last minute changed my order to a bundle saving me $30. So the funds are in the PayPal wallet and PayPal takes the funds straight from my bank. Now I’m over $80 overdrawn because of PayPal while the funds sit in the PayPal wallet untouched. Each time PayPal tries to pull funds from my bank they do it twice within one business day. So I’m charged $20 twice. They continue to do this with out touching what’s in the wallet. Had I just paid with my debit card and not involved PayPal (who is supposed to be so safe and great) I would’t have had any issue. PayPal is the problem.


Paypal suspended my account because of Buyer complaint

About 6 months ago I sold a timepiece to a guy overseas.I informed him that since the item did not sell on ebay I would sell to him person to person.
We settled on a price of $600 ($750 on ebay) and I agreed to pay for a larger portion of shipping cost ($50 of which he was to pay $20).
We used paypal as payment vehicle.
I received an email form him stating the item I sent was not working and was damaged and he requested a full refund.
I informed him that my item was in good working condition when shipped and I have over 450 100% feedback history with ebay.
If the item was damaged it was done enroute to his country.
I informed him that I would repair item and send back to him, but refused this offer.

Paypal email and said they received a complaint for the buyer in question and they would launch and investigation into the matter.
Paypal email a couple more times stating the same regarding


Need advice with court case against Buyer, Ebay, and PayPal.

I sold an item on Ebay for $175 with $25 shipping for a total of $200. Ebay/PayPal provides the option to pay for shipping and ship via Ebay/PayPal. I paid for the shipping and Ebay/PayPal generated a shipping address label, which I printed out. After I printed the Ebay/PayPal generated shipping label, the buyer changed the address where to send the item, and so was shipped to the original address on file and not the new shipping address. The item had a tacking number and had a confirmed delivery to the original address and buyer, meaning the buyer got the item at his address in Florida, but not to the new address (he wanted it to go to his brother in Nebraska. The buyer admits receiving the item, but the buyer claimed “Item not Received.” Ebay sided with the buyer even though the buyer in fact got the item, and Ebay then issued the buyer a full refund. So, I am out the item and the $200. I plan to sue in small claims court


I wish I could file a dispute against paypal

I purchased something via paypal. I was charged in both my paypal account and my paypal credit account (double charged). I called to find out what was going one (not the first time this error happened). The representative wouldn’t even tell me if I made my purchase with my paypal acct or my paypal credit acct. He wouldn’t check to see if I actually had two separate charges from the company. All he kept doing was telling me to contact the seller over and over without listening to me. I’m fairly certain the seller only got $26.00.
Now paypal wants me to file a dispute against a company who only got paid once. I wish I could file a dispute against paypal. I guess that’s not an option. This is awful. I’m glad I never linked my bank account to these idiots or trusted them with any real amount of money.


Can’t ship without shipping funds

PayPal was loving me (at first) because I was getting lots of sales and they [PayPal] was getting their precious “fees”. But then suddenly, one day I got an email saying that my account was limited; I couldn’t figure out why, then I looked into my account to find that there was one ticked off buyer (from eBay, of course) because she hadn’t gotten her item in a “timely manner” (although I had already given her tracking info) and she had paid for the item. I kept in constant contact with the buyer and with PayPal and eBay, but PayPal ended up giving refunds to multiple of my buyers that were all angry because they didn’t receive their items in “timely manners” but when I looked further into my account, I noticed that ALL the buyer were ones that had made purchases while PayPal did the whole 21 day funds hold thing— See, I pay for shipping for my buyers, but I couldn’t ship


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