Not allowed to close my PayPal account

PayPal limited my account and froze my money so I didn’t have access to my money for a total of 45 days because they said I violated the terms… I was so frustrated when this happened that I didn’t even care what part of the terms I violated that I just wanted my money out of there and to close my account now after receiving every penny out of the account now they’re saying I can’t close my account forever…WTF is wrong with this crazy company why in the world would they want my information forever for? I am not comfortable with them having my information even after I can’t no longer send or receive money this just doesn’t makes sense… I feel like getting a lawyer for this how can the government allow PayPal to hold customers information even after they can’t use the account this just isn’t right…


My limited PayPal account advice

Hi to all, i worked with paypal for over 10 year, my account all been limited without a chance to lift the limitation, a lotof money was stuck in the account, over 1000 usd, but this is the situation they limited my account just because they feel like and now i will only see my money in 180 days, all my money and other peoples money all this money will get interested for paypal so they make money from your money, that’s great….not.

My advice to all is dont use this service, this dosent protect sellers at all they keep your money for no reason until they feel like, pass it on tell everyone you know lets all stop use paypal if you are over 10000 and if we tell another 10000 about this we will be 20000 and so on, they will feel this in their wallet, a new alternative and fair to all will emerge, they will learn with their mistakes.

Take care, and if you have paypal take your money and run dont leave it their hands,


PayPal froze account for charity

Since 2008, we have been operating as a non-profit corporation helping disabled persons to acquire skills enabling them to support and take care of themselves. In September 2014, we accepted a new associate to help us maintain our eBay and PayPal accounts. PayPal requested that we verify the identity of our new associate as an authorized user of our corporate account. It seemed quite rational. When we submitted documents verifying the new associate as a user on our corporate PayPal account, PayPal promptly froze funds held in our corporate PayPal account and redirected previously authorized payments to our venders. PayPal is now holding hostage over $2,500.00. PayPal maintains that our new associate has a previously established personal account with a negative balance and that according to the “PayPal user agreement” our non-profit corporation has assumed responsibility for all accounts relating to the new associate.
We have



I have a paypal business account in good standing. I had a customer who rarely uses a credit card and does not shop online. After I sent her my invoice to pay for our vacation rental, her credit card would not work. I called paypal….the account was fine, must be her card/bank. She called her bank card….had a zero balance, her card was fine. I sent a 2nd invoice from paypal so she could try again. It didn’t work. I AGAIN called paypal, furious at this point and said what’s going on?? He told her to try again and if it didn’t go through, they would assist her by calling the paypal 800 #. She really didn’t want to hassle with it but she tried AGAIN and it didn’t go through so she called paypal. They told her it was a security protection on my account and she should try it again in one hours….that they would reset my account and her card with go through. She tried 1 1/2 hours later.


8 years with Paypal and now they take my money?!?

Been a Pay Pal user for 8 years never not ever have i ever had a complaint or a return – I set up my business account a few years ago never used it much just a little here and there same again never had a problem – never a complaint never had any goods returned or a bad reviews then I started using it more often building it up then fucking SHUTDOWN – on top of that and they wanna keep my account balance for 180 Days.

Fuck you I say – When I called Mike with no surname answered (IQ 70) what a fucking wombat the pea brained fool proceeds to tell me he wasn’t required to give me his full name as a call centre member – after i questioned him with to the rational behind PayPals idiotic behaviour and decision and asked for a supervisor after half and hour of this fucking rat bags bullshit I managed to persuade him to let me talk to a call centre supervisor and he managed to locate a fucking zombie


Felony fraud by PayPal

Pay pal is illegally withholding 1400 of funds in refunds via pay pal to my bank account. for no legitimate reason. I owe no one anything. They do not honor the pay pal guarantee and accuse of non payment of items which did not arrive to you. even though credited they will not release the refunds they say for a year. That is corporate thief. I cannot come to CA to take them to court.
there is nothing in their disclaimers to want of confiscation of your money.
I need those funds to spend elsewhere. I will not quit complaining. I am a victim of Pay Pal defending the vendors who supply them money over a mistreated client of the services. They banned me from pay pal and said I could sign up again with a new card and address. I did and now they accuse me of deception. I spend more money with a new account. My buyer page has all positive comments. There is not reason for them to confiscate my funds. or restrict my use if pay pal.


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