E-bays feedback is a joke

I think that e-bays feedback is a joke I have 698 positive feedbacks and one asshole customer states that the item he recieved had a hole in the box, dirty missing parts this item was a vintage 1960′s chevy model that was worth $40.00 he paid $6.99 I offered a full refund and he just left negitive feedback even after he left negitive feedback I still offered a full refund and he still did not send the item back.
So there must be nothing wrong with the item if he did not want a refund This also affects my selling it puts me on a up to 21 day hold plus on my money plus all perks such as free 100 listings and all bonus offers but pay pal has no problem they have one second release on there money I do not even have a chance to leave my side of the feedback they ask the customer if he wants to reverse the feedback HA HA if he wanted to reverse the feedback why would he leave it in the first place?


The incompetence of PayPal is unsettling

PayPal has totally screwed me. I’m selling stuff on EBay. The next thing I know I’ve gotten two payments for objects sold that say “accept” or “deny.” The only way to “accept” the “unclaimed funds” is “verification.”

Verification is linking my Paypal account to my bank account or signing up for a PayPal credit card. When I told them I didn’t want to do either of those things, I was told by call number two that there is a Phone app glitch that will be fixed in 30 days. That’s it. No other offer of assistance. So I have to “deny” the payment ie not accept it, then invoice the buyer separately from PayPal!!!!! And guess what ?????????? The same thing happened from the buyer: Un frigging claimed funds!!!
On Call number 4, with a call to Ebay in between, I finally reach someone not in India, but a nice woman in North Carolina. She


Can’t withdraw my money

I had to withdraw some funds, but I could not. The system asked me to Lift Limits, but it goes to my credit card account, not to my debit card/bank account. The problem is, I’m using a prepaid credit card, which doesn’t issue any four-digit code, which Paypal needs to confirm my credit card account. This is so frustrating; I’ve been trying to withdraw my money but I can’t. Why can’t I get my own money? I’ve already paid Paypal the fee that they get from the service; they’ve already deducted it. But I can’t withdraw my own money, just because I can’t have my credit card verified. I’m not paying, I’m withdrawing, so why do I need a credit card?


PayPal does nothing to help with Chargebacks

Hi, I’m so grateful for the information posted on this website.
I have recently been the victim of 3 chargeback disputes in the past 3 months – 2 of these in less than 2 weeks. All the amounts were over $200 and in all from Melbourne. I provided proof of tracking and delivery to paypal and also noted that the email address the customer provided on my website was the same as the name and address of the paypal customer. I have emailed paypal many times with no response and when on the phone to customer service – they say its being investigated. The fist claim they told me dont worry you’re covered under seller protection’ and then 2 months later told me there was no seller protection.
So now paypal have just removed $500 from my account 2 weeks ago and there seems to be no recourse for individual investigation in Australia.

Anyway, my thoughts are about the fraudulent chargebacks, being allowed


PayPal account hacked and charges made

Someone hacked my paypal account which I haven’t used for a year. They charged my Amex card $327 and try to charge my checking account $327.90. I wouldn’t have know about if didn’t get an email notification from paypal. In which I got 3 emails from them.
1 email was a warning from paypal that my account might have been tampered with and the other 2 emails was the purchases of a Nintendo wii and a set of knifes from someone in Russia or Europe some were!
I called Amex immediately that night and told them of the fraudulent charges. And they said they couldn’t do anything until the charges go through and then they can dispute the charges to PayPal. And the next morning I called PayPal and told them of the situation and they told not to worry about it. They will file dispute on the charges and investigate it. And so took a day off of work to go to the bank and reopen a new account to stop the other


Returned item but never got refund.

I bought a product through eBay which turned out to be faulty. I contacted the seller who told me to return it and take a photo of the package and email it to them. I contacted PayPal told them what I had done the asked me to email the pictures to them and said that was enough. Five days later they told me they had found in the sellers favor because I didn’t supply a tracking No. Now I have payed for a product which I don’t have. I also reported the seller to EBay and their response is virtually tell someone who cares. No help anywhere, won’t be using their “services” again.


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