The risk of using PayPal

Just to confirm what we already know, PayPal does suck. I’m shocked to find out by googling ‘PayPal problems’ how many hits I get.

Been selling on Ebay for months now, and in 80% of the cases all is well.
One BIG problem: if the buyer want to get you, he will. I sell coins, and especially in Italy and eastern Europe it’s always a problem. Believe it or not, Italy is pure horror. 0 of my 8 packages arrived and I lost my money and coins. So no more Italy shipping. I’m not the only one though, many other seller put in their ads ‘NO SHIPPING ITALY’

So what happens when a customer puts a PayPal refund claim on a supposed non-received item? You can have track and trace, photo’s of the package, it just doesn’t matter. You lose! The buyer is God and will win the case in almost all cases. This opens the door to bad ‘customers’.

So what now? Give up on


Need advice regarding a chargeback

A little while ago (July 2015) I had a customer from UK order a few items from my online store (isa based).
I shipped her the order, and on the day she received the package she complained that one of the items (handbag) was having “scuffs”
As our return policy is very clear published online, I offered her immediately to send it back for a full refund or replacement and she refused, claiming she already paid duty for the item.
I offered her 15% off as a compensation and she refused as well.

She initiate a claim with Paypal asking for a full refund of all the amount of the whole order, which include a full set of expensive items, that cost more then the item she was complaining about. And even though she wrote me by email that all the other items that arrived were fine, on her claim she did not mention any of the items, and claim the whole amount as if she received only one item, which she claimed to be “not


PayPal protection…what Protection??

I recently filed a complaint with paypal, you know your suppose to be protected by them. I received a non working device, wasted well over a day with cable company for nothing. I was waiting for a return shipping slip from the losers (DATAWORLD) in franklinville IL. Paypal decides I’m responsible to pay for a broken item, so not only am I out of the time I wasted. I now have to pack and ship and have a signature to receive a refund. I went over sellers ad and didn’t see anything saying the buyer is responsible for return shipping. I guess that company pays paypal a lot more then me. I also am not allowed to comment on their decision. I will definitely not make another purchase using paypal. They suck and make sure you read the negative comments before purchasing from any ebayer. This data world according to ebay is outstanding, yet they have over 15 negative reviews in the last month. All similar to the same issue I’m


PayPal reserve and holdbacks ruining my business

Hello :-) I hope that someone of you can help me. I will try to be as brief as possible. I have a paypal account in Europe. I am an ebay seller in the US & UK and on the 11th of July (out of the blue) paypal announced that they are setting a $1000 reserve on my account, and a 20% rolling reserve for 60 days, for every sale that I do. The reason was that I was doing a lot of volume (June was $52.000 in volume of sales) and they needed to be protected! Right now they have $11.000 dollars on reserve and although eBay was very understanding and agreed to defer their payment for 3 months!!, now they are asking for their fees. I need to pay ebay $10.400 which is money that I already have on my paypal account (on reserve though) but they will not release it!! So they are actually letting my business close! They want to protect


You can not win a chargeback as a seller when using PayPal

I sold some things on eBay and the buyer came to visually inspect the items. After he examined each product he asked if he could pay me through paypal when he got home. I said no. He reluctantly paid me and I figured this guy would be trouble.
Unfortunately, I was right. He emailed me a week later saying that a big part of what he bought was damaged and filed a claim against me. I called PayPal and they told me to escalate it to a dispute and submit all the evidence I discussed over the phone. I won the dispute and got my money back.
The buyer threatened me over email and said he was going to do a chargeback. Again I called PayPal frantic because I’ve been an amateur seller since 2003 and never had any problems for 12 years. They said to re submit my evidence and they would fight for me against the chargeback. Next thing I know I lost the chargeback.
My account had been negative for months because of this


Sellers have no chance against scamming buyers with PayPal and eBay

I am running a small business selling 2nd hand electronics in working condition and not working condition for parts. I also sell replacement parts and mobile phone accessories. I have been scammed where customers have replaced expensive working parts of phones/ipods with non working parts and then claiming it was faulty. Each time both Ebay and Paypal decide to refund the scammers. And the worse part is for the duration of the customer reporting anything, my funds get blocked. Being a small business, this causes a huge problem to my limited cashflow. In any retail business, the customer would have to return the merchandise in the same condition as bought. And they only get a refund if they fulfill these conditions. Paypal holds my money for weeks, limiting my stock buying capacity and therefore further limiting my sales. I have learnt many lessons in this game. DO NOT RELY ON PAYPAL AND EBAY ALONE TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS ALIVE!!! I have


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