Account limited after 15 years of selling

Here’s one I’m sure you have all heard before. Been with eBay since US inception, been with PayPal since it’s inception. Retired from professional selling some 10 years ago but kept accounts with eBay & accounts (multiple) with Paypal.

Mostly used the eBay accounts to buy but we are moving house so want to offload some of our household stuff locally & listed items on eBay. eBay make it compulsory to include Paypal as an option for payment.

All goes well, we sell some stuff, everybody is happy they get bargains because we sell cheap.

I state on all my listings that we much prefer cash on pick up but some guy buys 2 quality bedside table with a couple of matching bedside lamps thrown in for $35 —- for some reason he pays with Paypal. All seems OK, the bloke picks up his stuff, can’t believe it’s so cheap & leaves positive feedback.

I check my Paypal account


PayPal credit is not something I would recommend

For the past 3 months, each month, I have had to call Pay Pal Credit on my account. I originally tried to set up auto debit monthly payments. Since my first attempt to set up these payments, I have had difficulty doing so.

Originally, somehow I ended up with 2 Pay Pal credit accounts. When Pay Pal merged the 2 accounts, it created confusion with their computer payment system, and somehow their computer system failed to merge, or recognize, that I now had only one account. Each of the past 3 months I have called Pay Pal Credit CS to complain about their computer system, and to quit sending me late notices since my account was set up on auto debit payments. Once again I received a call with a voice message saying I was late with my $35 payment.

Last month I talked to a CS Rep and was informed that the problem with my auto payments had been rectified; they even waived the late fee due to their computer error. Once again,


$800 eBay gift card balance disappeared

I bought 800 ebay gift card and trying to buy a computer on ebay. And I put the shipping address wrong and had to cancel the order. Then these 800 just gone!!! Paypal said they had refunded them back to the card but since then I can’t purchase anything by using these 800 dollar gift card on ebay. I tried every suggestions they gave, change different browsers, clean the cookies, wait, they doing security check on me again and again and it just doesn’t work. And whenever I ask for a supervisor to answer my call, it never go through. Yes it is my fault to put the wrong shipping address in the beginning, it happens. And they should be able to fix that.

Ebay gift card is actually paypal’s product, so ebay said I should find paypal, and paypal will kick me to ebay. They put me on hold forever. After keep trying for 6 days, I just want my money back!! So I file a claim to Amex because I bought these card with amex credit


PayPal horror story and why I no longer use them.

I’m just another person Paypal screwed over. I saw your link “share your story” so here I am. This happened years ago. I started off selling on ebay and eventually created a website and used paypals backend merchant account (the API where i could have my own checkout system) and the money still goes into my paypal account. It became my main business account and I bought things from it, paid vendors, received payments, etc. A full fledged business account.

Out of the blue, with NO warning, I logged into my account one day and saw they held $30,000. Yes, I was dumb and kept over $30k in the account. Again, it was my business account I used to run a business.

I finally got a hold of a “risk manager” and she explained that they are holding this money for 6 months and ALSO taking 20% off every payment that comes in to put in a reserve account. The money is held until no activity occurs for 6 months.


Chargeback issues and money hold with PayPal

Explain this to me: My client paid me for a website development job for a total of $850.00 he did a charge back with his credit card company for the full amount so paypal took back $850 dollars back with no questions asked.

After I talked to my client he decided he wanted to keep the website afterall and he refunded the $850 back to us via his credit card company since that’s how he did the charge back in the first place… so how is it that paypal can put my account at negative $850 no questions asked but when the credit card company decides to put the money back into our account it takes 95 days.

I was also told by paypal not to respond to the dispute because it wouldn’t have made a difference and because the buyer did the charge back via his credit card company. I got on the phone with my client and the credit card company and bank to figure out what’s going on and this is what they told me.. We


Buyer has item, PayPal has my money and I have nothing.

After years of selling on eBay and using PayPal, I had 2 picky/unhappy customers who just couldn’t be satisfied, no matter what I did, including giving partial refunds & letting them keep the products. This was all it took for eBay to limit my account. Subsequently, PayPal now has blocked me from using my accounts, because they claim I’m selling “counterfeit” items, which is ridiculous & has no merit. All of this after years of them, each, taking percents of my sales. It’s hard enough to make decent profits on eBay for some things. I used it, mainly, for extra money for bills & other responsibilities. Now, they have cut that off, and I can’t even get the money that IS MINE. My customers have their products & have left Positive feedback, but PayPal has a hold of my money. Of course, this put me at a loss. I though about giving it all up, and trying one of the other auction sites/online


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